Friday, Decemeber 5, 2014

Human Rights Day

Next Wednesday, December 10, 2014, is International Human Rights Day. Below are just a few of the sites to use as lessons. Some also will offer your students an opportunity to actively participate in global campaigns and given students an authentic audience.

Your Slavery Footprint

Most of us are aware of the carbon footprint we leave behind us, but few of us are aware of our slavery footprints; that is to say, few of us realize the number of slaves that are forced to work to accommodate our standards of living.
This interactive survey of 11 questions is eye-opening. Much of the survey is clip art graphics, and is visually appealing and fun to complete. (Seeing my results, however, was not as much fun...)
The 11th question addresses sex trafficking. When you "Pull down the zipper," (really), it doesn't ask you any questions, so there is nothing to answer. There is just a short, innocuous explanation of how industry uses slavery. This question is NOT part of the end result of your survey because it doesn't ask for your response.
After the survey, you are given your results. Below your result are websites, organizations, etc. where you can become pro-active in eliminating modern-day slavery.

Posters for Class Discussion

Lesson Plans on Human Rights for Elementary, Middle and High School

This site describes these lessons as "carefully crafted by education professionals and represent the teaching perspectives of the authors and the Human Rights Education division of Amnesty International USA. While every effort has been made to craft objective, constructive learning exercises, we realize that these lessons may not be ideal for all educators everywhere." (Hmmmm...I assume that last statement is referring to the lesson on same-sex marriage. The other lessons are MUCH less controversial.)

Click on "Download" to access.

Elementary School Lesson Plans

Rights and Responsibilities DOWNLOAD

The Right to an Education DOWNLOAD

WE ARE ONE FAMILY: My Family | Your Family | Our Families DOWNLOAD

Who Has Rights? Who Are Defenders of Human Rights? DOWNLOAD

Middle School/High School Lesson Plans

"Where Do You Stand?" and "Never Again" DOWNLOAD

Everyone Has Right to Marry DOWNLOAD

Everyone Has Right to Religion DOWNLOAD

Freedom from Discrimination - Sports History DOWNLOAD

Freedom from Discrimination in Literature DOWNLOAD

Freedom from Slavery DOWNLOAD

Making a Killing: An Arms Deal Simulation and training DOWNLOAD

Preliminary Reflection on the Death Penalty DOWNLOAD

Racial Discrimination and the Death Penalty DOWNLOAD

The Death Penalty as a Form of Torture DOWNLOAD

Refugee Children in Sudan (in Spanish) DOWNLOAD

The Refugee Rights DOWNLOAD

The American Dream Download

If the World Were a Village

Six Teacher's Guides for Full-Length Videos

In collaboration with WITNESS, Amnesty International USA is providing a FREE educational program, In Plain Sight.
This program provides educators with essential tools to effectively promote human rights within our secondary schools.
One way to promote this understanding is through the use of videos. This site offers teacher's guides fr the following:
War Dance
The Kite Runner
Born Into Brothels
Darfur Now
Blood Diamond .
Catch A Fire
Hotel Rwanda

Amazing Teacher's Guides and Lesson Plans

These incredible guides not only provide lesson plans, but also links to online videos, interviews, etc. All the work is done for the teacher in these extensive (42 pages!) guides.
These guides do not have to be used in their entirety to be effective/worthwhile.
Examples of three guides are given below
Link here to access these guides and more:

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

What you see is below is only a partial view of the entire poster. You can see and enlarge the whole poster here:
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