Hagia Sophia

By: Sami Shaik

The Historical Facts

• Sophia means Wisdom in Greek Language. When we translate the full name of Hagia Sophia to English it is Shrine of The Holy of God.

• Hagia Sophia was dedicated to Logos who was the second person in the Holy Trinity, in December 25th.

• There were two more Churches accepted as Church of Holy Wisdom, but only Hagia Sophia was not destroyed.

• The Alter, the bells, sacrificial vessels and iconostasis were all removed when the church was converted into a mosque.

• When Hagia Sophia was a church 50 foot silver iconostasis was decorating inside, now it is on display in the museum.

• Only Patheon in Rome has slightly bigger dome than the dome of Hagia Sophia in the world.

• Hagia Sophia was converted in to a museum in 1935 by the first President of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

• Eastern Orthodox Church focused on Hagia Sophia for 1000 years as an important place.

• The Blue Mosque and Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul were designed with an inspiration of Hagia Sophia.

• Hagia Sophia as a museum has both Christian and Islamic influences and features today.

• Hagia Sophia has 40 windows in the area where worshipers sit and it’s known as famous reflecting mystical light.

• When the dome of Hagia Sophia was placed, walls began to lean outward because of the weight. Then walls to support to dome were built.

• A mathematician, a Scientist and a physicist designed the Hagia Sophia.

• Many Christian mosaics and frescoes were plastered over when Hagia Sophia converted in to a mosque by Sultan Mehmed II.

• Hagia Sophia is visible from far miles distances because of its grandness.

• The stone cannonballs, which were used by Mehmet the Conqueror, are on display near the entrance of Hagia Sophia.

• Hagia Sophia is one of the most important buildings in Istanbul and needs some restorations and repairs.

• Hagia Sophia was constructed over fault line and earthquake can tear the structure down. It must be strengthened with some works.

• Some repairs in Hagia Sophia are going on today but definitely needs more financing.