Events in 1913

By:Morgan Simpson

Al Capone Expelled from school.

  • Up until 6th grade he had a straight Bs
  • He got into a fist fight with his teacher
  • Teachers back then didn't tolerate Immigrants
  • After the fight his dad moved them and that's when he found his wife Mae

Tragic lo days

  • Started in 1910 with peasants, middle class, urban labors, and others rose up against Porfirio Diaz.
  • About 5,000 people died in those three years
  • Felix Diaz (Porfirio Diaz nephew) assembled an army in Veracruz
  • February 9, 1913 they failed to make an attack on the capital during that fight Reyes died.
  • The fight was so scary that when ammunition blew a whole in the prison prisoners didn't want to escape from prison.

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Notre Dame upsets Army

  • Score 35-13
  • Notre Dame was the first team to use forward pass affectionally.
  • over 5,000 people came to watch the game
  • They were the first to also use it to beat a bigger team when they were a smaller team
  • The first time it was brought up to the football word was in 1906 by St. Louis University

Mona Lisa

  • Stolen from Louvre museum in 1911
  • They thought that it left Paris but it never did
  • Stollen by by vincenzo peruggia

Notre Dame vs. Army - 1913 - Irish Use the Forward Pass