Cristiano Ronaldo

Biography By: Jonathon Medina


Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Madeira, Portugal in 1985 February 5. He is the youngest kid on the family. He started soccer at the age of 9. He lived in a very poor house it was really small. Hes uncle found that Cristiano was getting escaping from the house with a ball on his hand so than he called the people so Cristiano can make some tryout for professional player.

Starting as a professional

Cristiano started playing soccer as a professional player when he was 17.He became famous because they couldn't take the ball from him. They saw him playing so than they call him the bee. Manchester saw that he was a nice player so they call him to see se if he wanted to play on there team.

With Manchester United

Cristiano accepted they bought him for 12.24 million. He helped the team because so he was so good. Than they got to play the olympcis. 1 year after,he play the World Cup in Germany with Portugal. Th an one day Real Madrid saw him to they call him.

With Real Madrid

Cristiano went to Real Madrid. He though he will be better with the new team. His though was right he won the Ballon d'OR means the golden ball which also means the player of the year, he also won the golden boot, and named the UEFA club forward. Know he is the player most paid.

Cristiano Ronaldo's Family

Cristiano has only 5 person on his family right know it's his mom Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro, his son Cristiano Ronaldo JR. , his sister Liliana Catia aveiro, his other sister Elma Aveiro, and his brother Hugo Aveiro. His son's mother died already. His dad died too cause he always was drunk.

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