Real World Hero

Bromley Armstrong by Ishra

In 1948 Bromley Armstrong arrived in Canada from Jamacia. Bromley spent his life fighting for what he though was right and fair. Bromley believed that men and women deserved to have the same rights. At the age of 80 his name remains active as a human rights champion. This person made it so anyone can go anywhere they want, no matter their colour or religion. HE was a hero to me because he saw everyone equally.
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What is a Hero?

A hero is a brave man/women, who has courage, fight for rights, and sees everyone equally. A Hero often helps a lot of people (they don't care about color or religion). Malala Yousafzai is a hero to me because she fight for children's education. She cared about people life's more then her own. I know this because she was a true hero and did what she thought was right even though it was hard and dangerous. As you can see a true hero is a person that is brave enough to do anything to help someone else.