Pine Forest School of the Arts

Updates for the Week of July 17-24, 2020

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Welcome Back!

Families of elementary grade children (K-5) can choose between an in-school full-time option or two stay-at-home full-time options. Please click on the Red Box below to review first-hand information from the district's website to select one of the three options for your child(ren). Please review this information carefully and if you have questions, please reach out to the school's administration via email or call the school directly. We are here to help. The information in this newsletter has been taken directly from the DCPS website. I have included the link below for you to review as well. Again, please read through this entire newsletter carefully as I have tried to provide as much information as I can at this time.

In the midst of all of the uncertainty and decision-making, know this: the faculty and staff of Pine Forest SOTA are excited to welcome back students and continue to provide the rigorous, engaging instruction in both the academics and arts while keeping safety at the forefront-and remember...

....we will get through this together--as a school community...because that's what we do. After all, there's No Place Like Pine Forest.

Duval HomeRoom vs. Duval Virtual Instruction Academy

Duval HomeRoom vs Duval Virtual Instruction Academy: What's the difference?

Duval HomeRoom is designed for families who want a distance learning opportunity to start the school year but intend to return to full time face-to-face instruction at some point during the school year.

Duval HomeRoom:

  • Utilizes teachers within the existing school or regional team
  • Follows established school class schedule
  • Uses existing curriculum and resources
  • Distance Learning with live (synchronous) sessions

Duval Virtual Instruction Academy (DVIA) is designed for families who want a virtual learning opportunity for the entire school year.


  • Uses DVIA teachers who have special training in online instruction
  • Uses a special learning platform to access all courses
  • Curriculum specially designed for online learning
  • Sessions can be accessed 24/7
  • Student learning is self-paced
  • Credits needed to be finalized within DVIA
Dr. Greene Discusses Team Duval's COVID-19 Reopening Strategy
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Face Covering Information

Face Coverings Required on Bus and in School

The best way to slow the transmission of COVID-19 in a school setting is to require all staff and students to wear face coverings throughout the day.

*Kindergarten through second grade students will be issued a clear plastic face shield, which may be used in addition to or instead of a cloth face covering.

*Students with disabilities or medical conditions that prevent a face covering may also use a clear plastic shield or another reasonable accommodation.

*Face coverings will not be required in P.E., recess, band, music and other classes in which the facial covering is an obvious impediment to learning activities.

*Face coverings will be required to enter the building.

*Face coverings will also be required when transitioning in the hallway to and from the cafeteria, restrooms, recess, P.E., etc.

I will be sure to provide more information on this topic in future communication.

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Visual and Performing Arts Resources for Students

We are hoping to be able to provide additional information regarding what resource classes will look like for the "brick and mortar" option soon; however, please keep in mind that resources available to students will vary based on the three Elementary options provided.
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Back to School VIRTUAL Orientation

Back to School Orientation will take place virtually through your child's Microsoft Teams site on Thursday, August 6, 2020 for students electing Option 1: "Face-to Face" Instruction. Please mark your calendars and plan accordingly. Once the window closes for Duval HomeRoom registration on Friday, July 24, more information will be provided regarding a date/time for Virtual Orientation for Option 2: Duval HomeRoom.
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"Back to School" Supply Lists

Please click below to view supply lists for each grade level and for our Visual Arts program.

Take a screen shot of the lists and save them to your phone so that you can retrieve them easily.

The Visual Arts supply list has links that will take you to some of the items that can be ordered online. (Thank you, PTA for providing storage bags for individual art supplies!)

Information for Mrs. Knight's Dance program will be shared in next week's newsletter. We are still working on logistics for ordering and receiving items. As soon as all of the details are finalized, the information will be communicated.