Scott VS Stiles

By Valeria Bocanegra

The hit series Teen Wolf has two very talented actors playing the lead male roles Scott McCall ( Tyler Posey 24) and Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O'Brien 24) . Though I love them both equally i cant help but ask myself this question so why not answer it now . Stiles Stilinski the Human he helped keep the comedy on the show in season 1-2 with his sarcastic remarks he makes everyone who watches the show laugh and or smile at his awkwardness . But also swoon over how sweet he is . But lately after he was possessed by the nogitsune he has some people thinking he has lost his happiness mostly because he has stopped with his remarks and he doesn't smile as often as Theo(Cody Christian) explains in the last episode of season 5a " the nogitsune is gone but you still have more blood on your hands than any of us " which could explain why he is stressed out all the time . Scott McCall The True Alpha he has gone trough the most from being thrown into the supernatural world at the age of 16 he is a very protective person on the show he always puts the rest of his pack (Friends) before himself he is idealistic, has a solid moral compass, and over the series loses his initial social awkwardness and his tendency letting his emotions get the best of him for a clear sense of duty in being a burgeoning leader in the supernatural world. But lately in season 5a-5b he has been having struggles with keeping his pack together as he starts to wonder if he is worthy enough to even be an alpha to a pack . He becomes more insecure this season , after he lost his pack he doesn't have the strength an alpha should have after all he was almost killed by his own beta .

But though both of them have gone trough some tough times i say scott is the best not only because he's gone trough the most but because even when someone hates him he will still try with everything he has to protect that person and justify them