Bird in Space

metropolitan museum of art, New York

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Background History

It was commissioned through the Golden Bird group and, finally, to the Bird in Space series. Sixteen examples of the Bird in Space, dating from 1923 to 1940. the artist who created this was Constantin Brancusi. The date in witch it was installed was 1924. How long it took him to do this, well there are two sculpture relating to this one he did of marble and the other in bronze and in the at time he took witch was roughly a year he made both of them.
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Artist statement

His art emphasizes clean geometricak lines that balance forms inherent in his materials with the style of representational art. Brancusi sought inspiration in non-European cultures as a as did. But other influences emerge from Romanian folk art traceable through Byzantine and Dionysian traditions. He sought to see this simplicity of art and try not to complex things. The spirit of the bid was what he wanted to show. Like any artist he came to change gets and pumps in the road but he kept going.


My opinion on this sculpture is hat I really like it. It's simple but also complex when you think about the meaning of it. I enjoy interpreting the essence of the bird.

Shape: Brancusi used geometric shapes in this sculpture.

Color: The color of the sculpture comes from the natural colors of the materials used: wood, marble, and bronze. He just keeps things in their natural state.

Texture: Theres a smooth texture too all of his works.

Line: There are several types of lines depicted through Brancusi's sculpture. Most of them are straight or curved.

By Aubrey