Fear not the Future

Module 3


Continuing our first unit of study, Module 3 involves close reading tasks for the two stories that were introduced in Module 2.

Essential Questions

Why do we read fiction?

What tools do writers use to create meaning?

How do we determine a writer's purpose?

What are effective methods for organizing an essay?

How do we effectively share our voices in an online forum?


Ray Bradbury's "The Pedestrian"

Ray Bradbury's "There will come Soft Rains"


1. Closely reread both Bradbury short stories with a specific purpose.

2. Complete graphic organizers that analyze the elements you identified in your rereading (characterization, word choice, and personification).

3. Write three informational responses, using the graphic organizers as a guide.

4. Share one written response in a discussion post.

5. Complete the Module 3 Supplement: Academic Writing, which involves note-taking and self-evaluation.