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January 2016

Collaborative Teaching and Learning

South East Junior High is under attack from an unknown virus, and the 7th graders are the only people who can save us!

Science 7 - Infectious Disease Research - ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

For many years, the Teacher Librarians at SEJH have collaborated with 7th grade science teachers to teach an infectious disease research unit. What better way to talk about diseases than to tie it to Zombies??

Students are introduced to the project by hearing that a horrible virus has started to spread, and many people are calling it a Zombie Apocalypse. The students must become experts on infectious diseases in order to compare this new outbreak and hopefully find treatment and prevention options.

This unit combines research skills and science content knowledge about how infectious diseases affect a human body, how they spread, and how they can be prevented and treated. Every day of this unit is co-taught with the Teacher Librarians, who are teaching skills like evaluating resources (CRAAP Testing), and using information ethically (paraphrasing, citing sources). We focus on the essential understandings that information can be owned, that Information sources are diverse in purpose and reliability, and that putting information in your own words helps build personal knowledge.

Students are fortunate to have access to Chromebooks for this project, giving them tools to make learning how to research more efficient and effective. Using tools like PearDeck and Google Forms, students were pre-assessed on their knowledge of citations and paraphrasing. Using Google Docs and Google Classroom, students have their reliable sources and citation help videos linked right inside their notes template. Teachers have access to student work throughout the project, allowing us opportunities to give students feedback as they work. Once their research is completed, students will use tools like, Google Slides, or Prezi to share their knowledge with their classmates.

For 7th graders, this is one of the largest research projects they will do all year, and their skills will help them in concurrent and upcoming research projects in Global Studies and Literacy.

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Creating a Culture of Readers

New Shelving - Graphic Novels

Our collection of graphic novels continues to grow almost as quickly as student interest in reading them! Our shelving was getting so full, we had to expand. Now, students can see our collection more clearly, and even find some books they may have missed on display!

Our library space is changing all the time - we work hard to make our space inviting, accessible, and a comfortable place kids want to be!

THANK YOU to the IC Road Races, and the ICCSD Foundation for allowing us to make this section awesome through the Run for the Schools event!!

Geek the Library Club + Robots = Awesome!

Because our library is such a busy place, Geek the Library Club meets every Tuesday after school, but usually not IN the Library! Each week, we play, learn, or watch something students are excited about. This year, we have played card games, board games, watched the classic movie Princess Bride, learned how to code, and just completed an epic Mario Kart tournament. Recently, we have been learning and playing with the library's collection of robots! The library has 2 Sphero robots, and 2 Ollies, which can be controlled by a variety of Apps. For the Sphero's we used an app called Tickle, which requires students to drag and drop blocks of code, much like we learned during the Hour of Code. The Ollie app is more crazy and less complicated - you just drive! We also borrowed a Pro-Bot from the Grant Wood AEA. The Pro-Bot is a car you program to drive around... and draw whatever path you have programmed!

What are SEJH students reading?

In the past month, students have checked out 2,115 books!

As usual, Fiction and Graphic Novels remain the most popular categories, but this month there was a surge of interest in the 900s section of nonfiction - History and Geography!

The most popular Fiction titles right now are: