Global Climate Change And Warming

By Lilly Woods

What is Global Climate Change and Global Warming?

The way Earth heats up is by green house gases, which trap heat inside the atmosphere to keep the Earth warm. When people let out emissions (like from cars, smoke stacks, etc.) that increases the green house gases, which trap more heat. Since more heat is trapped the Earth is significantly warmer, which affects climates and warms the Earth.
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-Emissions from humans


-Smoke Stacks

-Burning of Fossil Fuels

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The ice caps will melt which will add more humidity to the air. With more humidity in the air, there will be more severe storms. And the more storms will eventually flood major water front cites, taking a large poll on the economy.
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What you can do to help!

You can help by reducing you carbon footprint (meaning reduce things that is powered by carbon or fossil fuels.) It's easy as switching your light bulbs to CFL's which 25% of electricity as the regular light bulbs, but give the same amount of light. You can also use the car less, and walk more or bike (not to mention you would look a lot more fit.) And turn down the thermostat! Not only will it give you an excuse to wrap up in more bundles of blankets but it also reduces the electricity used to heat up your house.
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