Principal's Corner #5

Life is too short to not be awesome!

Run4Fund$ thank you

It was great to see our students outside, exercising and having a blast. I appreciate all of your support to make sure our Run4Fund$ event was a success.

Foundation’s Educator Initiative Grant

Below is information on the Foundation’s Educator Initiative Grants. The grant deadline is September 17th at 4:00 pm. We still have one more grant writing workshop tomorrow at ISF from 4:00-5:00 pm.

Educator Initiative Grants (EIG) are designed to encourage, facilitate, recognize and reward creative and INNOVATIVE instructional approaches used to accomplish program objectives and enhance the learning experience of students.

  • · The link can be found at: along with some helpful information.
  • · Grant requests up to $1,000.00 will be considered.
  • · Any requests for computer hardware or software MUST be reviewed for District compatibility by the Principal or Director.
  • · Grants are open to all district educators.
  • · Deadline for submission will be Monday, September 17, 2018 at 4:00 PM.
  • · New this year, grant writing workshops will be held on September 6th 4-5PM at ISF-Room 112 PI Training

Questions, please call the Foundation office, 720-554-4429.

formally known as the library...

Thank you Megan S, Angela, Natalie, Emily, Kayla, Dawn and Darren for submitting ideas. Now it's time to vote. Please conduct a class vote and have each student vote on one of the following names. Indicate the number of students next to each idea (scroll to the right for numbers higher than 9). Please have all students vote and submit your totals before Friday, September 14th.
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Please be sure you are using your stickers, coupons and PAWS.

Stickers: To recognize individual students for following the ROAR way.

Cougar Coupons: To recognize students that go above and beyond! They get to keep the white part and turn in the yellow part to the office.

PAWS: To recognize a CLASS that is showing the ROAR way. If you get PAWS, please contact Joan to schedule a time for Katie to come read to your class!

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Sub Reminders

If you are going to be out for any reason, please be sure to notify the front office staff and ALWAYS put it into Frontline. It is your responsibility to input your leave into Frontline.

If you know in advance that you are going to be out, Joan is willing to help find one of our regular substitutes.

Thank you!

Grade Level Team Meetings

Please email me your grade level team meeting day/time.

It takes a Village

From Sept. 12th through Oct. 1st, our TA's will be assisting with extra lunch and recess duties. Therefore, they will be unavailable to cover grade level snack/recess duties. Please create a schedule within your team to have two teachers cover your grade level snack/recess duty. During this time, please be patient with copying and projects you need completed. You may want to give a little extra time for projects due to the fact that we will have our TA's covering for Holly while she is out. Thanks in advance!

PLT Agendas and Minutes

I've added a new folder to our COT Google Drive. This folder is titled PLC. Within this folder, you will find a folder for each PLT. Please use this folder to maintain agendas, meeting minutes, and any other resources your team is using. All grade levels can view the PLT grade level folders, but you will only have access to edit your specific PLT folder.
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New to the Principal's Corner

Each week I will hide one NFL team in the Principal's Corner. If that team wins on Sunday, then you can wear jeans to school on Monday. To be fair, I won't hide team this week.

If the Bills win on Sunday, September 16th, than everyone can wear jeans on Monday, September 17th. In the future, the word Bills would be hidden in the Principal's Corner. Be sure to read the Principal's Corner carefully to find the hidden team.

Evaluation Reminders

Goal Meetings

Be sure to schedule your goal meeting prior to October 12th!

To ensure alignment, Ashley and I are willing to meet as a team to go over the SLO rubric if your team has agreed on the same SLO goal. Discuss this as a team, and if you'd like to meet as a team to go over the SLO rubric, please email Joan to schedule time with me and Ashley together. We are also willing to complete your goal meetings together if your professional goals are the same. However, if your goals are different than your team members, you will need to schedule a 30 minute goal meeting with your evaluator. Contact Joan to schedule with Katie, and Angel to schedule with Ashley.

Formal Observations

Once you have had your goal meeting, you can schedule your first observation.

Probationary teachers: Schedule two observation cycles before November 20th. Each of these observations must consist of a 20 minute pre-observation meeting, 40 minute classroom observation, and a 20 minutes post-observation meeting.

Non-probationary teachers: Schedule one observation cycle before November 20th. This observation must consist of a 20 minute pre-observation meeting, 40 minutes classroom observation, and a 20 minutes post-observation meeting. However, if you would prefer to do 4-10 minute observations in place of the 40 minute classroom observation, please contact your evaluator.

Mid-Year Reviews

Between November 26 and December 14, please schedule a 30 minute mid-year review with your evaluator.

Kids Club Reminders

I'd like to start by saying thank you to our Kids Club Team. You've done an outstanding job communicating with our families and have made some tough decisions. Regardless, you always did what is best for our students - so thank you.

Teachers, please take a minute to read through these bullet points below, and if you have any questions/concerns, please let me know.

  • Please do not pull students from KEP or Kids Club for ANY reason. There are very specific guidelines around this, so please do not pull students from these programs.
  • Kids Club sends a report every morning with the list of student who are supposed to attend Kids Club in the afternoon. Please be sure you look at these list to see which of your students are to attend.

Important Dates

  • Tuesday, September 11: School Board Meeting, 7:00 Institute of Science and Technology
  • Wednesday, September 12: 3:00-3:40 Committee Time (Safety and Guiding Coalition)
  • Friday, September 14: Broncos Home Game 9/16 - Wear your blue and orange, or not...the choice is yours :)
  • Tuesday, September 18: Katie and Ashley out all day, ADCO
  • Wednesday, September 19 3:00-3:40 Committee Time (PAC)
  • Friday, September 21: School Spirit Day - Wear your green and blue
  • Friday, September 21: Katie and Ashley out all day, EPC
  • Monday, September 24: CCHS Spirit Assembly, 1:30 on the big playground if weather permits; the gym will be our backup plan.
  • Wednesday, September 26: Staff Meeting
  • Friday, September 28: School Spirit Day - Wear your green and blue