Asylum seeker Policy

The Old Policy

The old policy was very cruel and racist because non-white people often had to do an unfair test leading to the incompletion of the test so not many non-white people had the chance to live in Australia. Also, when they got to Australia, they had to go into a detention which is a little bit like jail. Unlike the non-white people, white people did not have to do the test and got to live in Australia as soon as they arrived in Australia. That was not fair at all.

Non-white people arrived in places like this.

The Aim of ASP

The Aim of ASP is to make Australia more multicultral and increase the population

Who is or isn't allowed in Australia

Anyone can come and stay in Australia depending on their reasons.

If you come to Australia and there is war, they are allowed to stay.

If people come because they don't like to live where live and want to live in Australia, they must do the test to live in Australia.

People with a criminal record and want to live in Australia are not allowed to live in Australia. Especially those w ho have murdered people before.

Where do asylum seekers go when they get to Australia

When Asylum seekers get to Australia, they are taken to the nearest hotel until things are decided about them. When things are decided about them, they either will be taken to the nearest school or get employment. By the way, they don't have to do the test.

Are they allowed to look for work or go to school straight away?

Yes! They are allowed to work or go to work as other Australian citizens would do and it will be normal as if nothing has happened.

Are they eligible for government assistance like Centrelink?

Yes! Due to the fact that they have been a refugee before and have more experience when dealing with other refugees.

Will The government help them learn english?

Yes, as everyone must learn English in order to communicate. Plus, they will have a better chance for a job as a translator .

Where will they live?

They will live in a 4 star hotel (paid by the government) until they get a job and house (5-7 weeks). Otherwise, they will be given a free house to live in.