In the land of danger

The danger, controversy and info on Iraq

the one country

The country is Iraq.

The capital is Baghdad.

The meaning or what it says on the flag is god is great.

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the location

Iraq is some what apart of the middle east and near it is Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria and turkey.

The types of terrain is broad plains, reedy marshes, large flood areas and mountains.

The nearest body of water is Persian gulf.

land with some type of goverment

Iraqis government is a parliamentary democracy.

Fuad Masum is the leader of Iraq.

The right and responsibility is not real much, there are laws but not a lot laws and there

not sticked laws

Iraq's economy

Iraq's exports are 84% crude oil, crude materials 8% & food and live animals 5%,

and there imports are food. Medicine & Manufactures.

Iraq's current type of currency is dinar.

Iraq's cultures

Iraq's main language is Arabic.

Iraq's religions are mostly Islam.

the climate

the average temperature is around 48 degrees

yearly is the same too but around 80 degrees.


Iraq been in war with the middle east/iran casing several billion dollars in damage till 1988.

The reason for the war to end was after the loss of over one million troops and losing four million dollar Iraq surrender.

Iran & Iraq

Iran religion is Sunni as for Iraq it's Islam.

there really the same country and I think you could say they both hate each other because of different ideas and religions, there different because of religion, foods, government, etc.