On The Horizon

K-12 Report

Horizon Highlights

Modern classrooms are working to engage B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Device) as a common concept. However, schools in low-income neighborhoods are a major barrier. This innovative attempt is blundered if students are unable to bring their own device to the classroom.

A major challenge in integrating modern technology into classrooms is the proper knowledge to carry-out the benefit of the technology. Teachers cannot be expected to teach students to use the technology to their advantage if the teachers are not fully trained in doing so.

Adaptive learning techniques help to create a more personalized classroom environment. This technique is used to create many different possibilities for students to learn in their best way at their pace.

A huge advancement in technology in the schools is 3D printing. This concept can give students a visual grasp on the lesson.
Assistive Technology in Action - Meet Mason


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