Summer Reading Project By: Tanner McCarroll

Tour Around the World

Tuesday, Sep. 8th, 8:30am

2500 Victory Avenue

Dallas, TX

Summary and the writing part

Over the summer I read the book Roar. I am choosing the major character Mica for this project. From reading this book I think that Mica would love to go see what is past the wall and even further around the world. The place where Mica lives there is a huge wall that he would like to see what is on the other side. In the book I remember Mica talking about how he wanted to see what was really on the other side and see if what he had heard was a lie. From what I have read about him I think that the most important thing that he would bring would be a camera to take pictures of what he saw. I also think that he would bring. I also think that he would bring a note pad to write down things he thought were weird. the last thing that I think that he would bring is his phone because he had just got the newest version.

Summary: Mica had always wanted to find his sister since the government took her away. Although he had to deal with his parents thinking she was dead and all the people at his school making fun of him. So he got a person to help him forget about her but she made him calm down about the situation and still believed she was alive. Then the person siad that she wanted him to enter a contest and that would help him find his sister.


To capture sights he sees