The Best Week of my Life

By: Makayla Aldridge

Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday, the youth at our church (plus me), did a little skit and the girls dance. Afterward the Apostle gave a magnificent Word and then we ate. We had somewhat of Thanksgiving-type food. But after that, I had fun.
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My Spring Break

My spring break was great. I stayed at home, ate, slept, and watched TV. I sometimes went on Netflix and watched my favorite shows. I wish could do it all over again.

I went to the NRA

Saturday, I went to the National Rifle Association, or NRA. I had to go because the JROTC needed a Color Guard for the event. So we went and somehow there was mixed communications. Because me and this one guy were told GSW. And somehow it was South Georgia Tech and we felt stupid. So after that, we did our thing with Color Guard we stayed and saw some cool rifles and knives. They had a live auction for a lot of cool rifles and knives, and a trip to Africa. If I could, I'd go every year.
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