Herbert Hoover

By: Nicco Young, Gage Prince

About Hoover

Hoover was the 31st president. He was born on August of 1874 he died on October 20th 1964, and the Hoover dam was named after him.
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Hoover was born in west branch Iowa but he eventually moved to Oregon and grew up there.

He went to Stanford when it opened in 1891. After he graduated college he became a professional mining engineer.

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Hoover as a child.

Hoover was a very shy and quiet child. Part of the fact that is parents had passed away at a young age.

He never did very well in school except for in math, he always did very well in math and enjoyed it.

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Hoover and the financial crash.

Ironically enough a year before the financial crash Hoover said this "We in America today are nearer to the final triumph over poverty than ever before in the history of any land." When the financial crash happened prices for everything alomost doubled.

This caused a great problem for president Hoover, because of this he had lost his chance to be reelected. This also made a very bad impression on Hoover because it was thought to be his fault. These places called Hoovervilles were the places where people stayed when they lost their home.

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What happened during the financial crash.

During the financial crash lots of terrible things happened. Many people had lost their homes, became poor and struggled to live, and or died. Many people had many struggles to make money. Many people tried pickpocketing and stealing money from the rich, many had tried to find jobs, many tried taking loans, although many had failed.
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