Pregnancy Hazards

Illegal Drugs

Pregnancy Hazards

When a pregnant woman consumes an illegal drug the chemical go straight through the placenta into the umbilical cord to the fetus. Illegal drugs can cause the child to get life long disabilities.

What happens to the fetus and the mother?

For the fetus it depends on what drug the mother is taking. Fo example if the mother is taking Heroin the child could become dependent for it, or if the mom was smoking marijuana the fetus would not be able to grow because of all of the toxins that are passing through the placenta. But in general most illegal drugs cause the fetus to be deformed in some sort of way. For the mother all that will happen to her is that she will become addicted and die or she will suffer from withdrawal or tolerance to the drug she is taking.

How can Pregnant Mothers avoid illegal drugs?

  • Have good friends.
  • Have a supporting Family.
  • Do other stuff other than drugs. (reading, walking, Netflix)
  • Avoid people that do drugs.
  • Think about your future child.
  • Think about what your grandma would say.