Black Plague

Guide for avoiding/treating/and history


The symptoms of the Black Death were gruesome: Tumors covered the body -- some of them as big as an egg or apple, Boccaccio wrote. A large neck tumor might permanently cock a person's head in the opposite direction. Purplish splotches also covered the body. These were nicknamed "God's tokens," because God usually took the sufferer soon after they appeared. The sick even smelled like they were going to die. Bad breath and odors indicated they were rotting from the inside.

How to avoid

1. Flee from populated towns and away from trade routes

2.Allow no animals near

3.Use alot of mint

4.Bathe in hot water

5.Burn clothes and change into new clothes after contact

6.Don't go to enclosed communities

7.Don't bored boats

How you contracted the black plaque for you unlucky folks

We don't know i'm guessing the god thought you were bad. May lord have mercy.