National Principals Month

Celebrating Nassau's Principals

Nassau County School District is proud of our school administrators!

Principals, thank you for your endless efforts to help our Nassau schools be the

very best they can be!



Amber Nicholas-Bovinette

Mrs. Bovinette is a positive leader at our school. She is smiling and engaging with everyone who comes on campus and takes great pride in the school's role in our community.

Mrs. Bovinette is the perfect fit for Bryceville Elementary. She has a teacher's heart and uses it, along with her leadership talents, to help Bryceville be the best that it can be. She is kind, fair, and holds everyone to high expectations. She connects with our students and their families every day. It is obvious that she has a passion for education. Thank you Mrs. Bovinette for being our principal!

Sabrina Faircloth

Our principal is Sincere and Approachable. Her door is always open, and, when we enter, she guides us in a way that Best meets the needs of all involved. Her Radiant personality and passionate heart causes her to be an Integral part our school. She is quite the Noble woman of whom we all Appreciate beyond measure! She is a leader who doesn't mind having a little Fun, yet still creates an environment of strong Academics. Her Incredible joy cannot be Removed by any person or situation. She Clearly Loves each person who steps foot On our campus. There are no words that could Tell the amount of Honor we have for this spectacular principal! (Put together the bolded letters to reveal who this spectacular principal is!)

She is a great listener, very encouraging, and thoughtful.

Dr. Monica Cason

Dr. Cason has done a wonderful job building up our school team! She has been down in the classrooms getting to know the students and seeing our teachers in action. She has jumped right in with the planning process so that she can help guide and have discussions about lessons she's seeing in the classroom. Thank you for your continued positivity and encouragement!!

Dr. Cason is our greatest cheerleader at CIS!!!! Her positive, strong leadership encourages us to maintain high standards for our students and staff! Thank you so much for all you do for CIS!!!!!

Rhonda Devereaux

Mrs. Devereaux cares…bottom line. She wants the best for the school, students, and faculty. She has been a great encourager to myself and others.

Mrs. Devereaux is an exceptional instructional leader who uses data to drive all her decisions. Mrs. Devereaux spent many years at Callahan Intermediate School working to make the teachers and students some of the best in the county! She does what is needed to create programs to benefit to students and families.

Rebecca Smith

In honor of National Principal Month, Emma Love Hardee would like to send out a huge thank you, to the captain of our ELH ship, Mrs. Rebecca Smith! Mrs. Smith has been great at supporting, encouraging and uplifting our staff on our journey to "Summer Island". Mrs. Smith starts every staff meeting with "Pause for Positivity", where staff members are encouraged to share positive moments that are happening within our school. Thank you for making ELH a place where "Everyone Loves it Here"!!

There is not enough room on an email to say all the wonderful things about Ms. Smith. She has a huge band of knowledge that she uses to help you solve problems in your classroom. She seems to not forget what it is like to be in the trenches. She is easy to work with. She is positive and kind. She "gets" me, without trying to, she just does! She helps you become a better you in the classroom. She never asks more than she is willing to give herself. She is the leader that people follow because they trust her.

My principal, Rebecca Smith, is an amazing leader of our school. She leads us with such ease and grace. She supports us in all aspects that keep our school successful. Anything we ask for, she will do her best to help us get. She goes above and beyond to foster a positive environment for both the faculty of our school and our students. We LOVE her being the captain of our ship and leading us smoothly through the cruise we call our school year! Thanks for all you do, Becky!

Dr. John Mazzella

Dr. Mazzella is an amazing principal! He is incredibly receptive, motivated and supportive! He is a man of action! If you walk through his always open door to discuss a problem, you had better be ready to take action; I mean immediately! He has been a welcome infusion of stability and collegiality. We were lucky to get him.

We are fortunate to have a principal like Dr. Mazzella. He is very supportive of his staff, encourages student excellence, and school spirit.

Edward Brown

I have not worked for Mr. Brown long, but I know he wants the best for all his teachers and staff. Mr. Brown, thank you for your support.

Mr. Brown is a kind and fair administrator. He understands and supports his teachers. His greatest gifts include his laugh, his smile and his faith. Mr. Brown has a wonderful rapport with students, parents, and faculty. He has many great years ahead of him as the leader of FBMS.

LeeAnn Jackson

You know your principal is amazing when you enter faculty meetings ambushed by silly string, and build relationships competing in Hungry Hungry Hippos, puzzle races, and scavenger hunts. Mrs. Jackson is the type of principal you aspire to be! Her passion for education and her desire for teamwork is present in every grade level throughout our school! It is a great feeling to work for a principal that cares about her teachers and her students like she does.

Mrs. Jackson is a wonderful leader who cares for her staff, she makes her staff feel like part of a family. She is always encouraging us to work together as a team and to support each other regardless of our position or grade level. It is a pleasure to work for Mrs. Jackson.

Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson is a dedicated and caring principal. She has gone beyond the call of duty to help me be a successful teacher. I can’t help but notice the students’ responses to her as they see her around campus. They always respond to her greetings and many even have a hug for her. She clearly impacts not only the teachers but also the students.

Advocate, mentor, problem-solver, encourager, motivator- these are just a few of the words that describe Tammy Johnson. Having the opportunity to work with her in different facets of her career, one thing has been a constant-that she is always there to help and support you, no matter what "hat" she might be wearing. She makes sure that our staff and students are encouraged, cared for, and protected. Her desire to make our school and students shine with the talents and abilities we have is so valuable to those that she leads. I appreciate her patience and desire to help her team (staff and students alike) be the best they can be. I am grateful for Tammy's leadership, love, and loyalty she has with us.

Marlena Palmer

Mrs. Palmer is fantastic! She is always very supportive and creates a respectful atmosphere in our school. She takes care of our team and helps us be the best we can be. Thank you Mrs. Palmer for being a great leader!

My principal should walk around with a campaign sign that says, "FOR THE TEACHERS" because that is the feeling every person on campus has for her. All of our decisions here at Southside are in answer to what is best for the students but right behind that is the continuous support for teachers and staff. Mrs. Palmer takes her staff into consideration for every decision that has to be made. This makes us feel loved and appreciated. One of the ways that really stands out is that both of our administrators make visits to our rooms to do glows and grows, long before our evaluations begin. This gives us the opportunity to grow in areas that need tending, while feeling proud of the glows that are already in place. I don't know a single teacher who doesn't want to grow and these informal visits allow us to see exactly what areas we need to work on in order to do our best so that when evaluations begin, we are more than prepared to glow; we are ready to SHINE. Working for a team of people who have been where we have been as teachers in incredibly reassuring. They have walked in our shoes and they know what makes sense, what is nonsense and are open to new ideas because they know that in order to be a strong school we need to rely on fresh ideas. Having policies in place simply because "it's what we've always done" might not be the best way anymore and it's okay to branch out and make things better. We are never done. We are always striving to be more.... more efficient, more supportive, more motivated, more engaging. That philosophy of more comes straight from our leader.

Curtis Gaus

Curtis Gaus has been a very understanding leader who pushes his staff to become better educators. He sets high expectations because he has confidence that his staff can deliver.

Mr. Gaus takes pride in providing a school atmosphere that emphasizes student achievement!

Scott Hodges

With his many years of experience, Mr. Hodges has proven he is a great leader. He is very compassionate, caring, and humble. He handled the opening of Wildlight with great poise and made the experience the best it could be for staff and students. He has made Wildlight a very open and welcoming school!

Mr. Hodges is an outstanding principal! He is always calm, approachable, and willing to assist in any way. He strives for the best in himself and in his faculty and staff. Teachers are encouraged and supported with his leadership.

George Raysor

We at Yulee Elementary School feel so very fortunate to have an amazing principal named Mr. George Raysor. Mr. Raysor is the epitome of "practicing what you preach" as he is always striving for excellence as a principal and expecting excellence from his faculty and staff. He is the type of principal who is not afraid of work, whether it is staying late to dig into the standards or examine data, or trim the trees around the school and put down mulch. He is truly a jack-of-all-trades.

Thank you, Mr. Raysor, for all you are and all you do for our school. He has high expectations of his faculty and staff. Mr. Raysor is an excellent model of being your best and continuing to learn. We appreciate all that he does for our school.

Natasha Drake

Mrs. Drake is an administrator with a teacher's heart! She models, she instructs and she exemplifies the qualities that excellent teachers have. It's a joy to work with someone who cares for her faculty and student body.

I love Mrs. Drake. She has a true heart of compassion, and she fights fiercely for her students and her teachers. There isn't a better principal in the state of Florida. She is a leader, a mentor, a counselor, and a friend. She gave me a chance to change lives, and in doing so changed my life. I want to thank her for believing in me. She is THE BEST boss I've ever had.

Amanda Cooper

Mrs. Cooper provides opportunities and support to her school team. She is kind and caring to those around her. Thank you for working with YMS!

YMS is fortunate to have Mrs. Cooper as our principal! She is a model educator who truly has a heart for the students. Thank you, Mrs. Cooper!

Brianna Johnson

Caring and compassionate! Always thinking about what is best for the individual student and her school!

Mrs. Johnson is a wonderful leader for Yulee Primary School. She is kind, caring, and supportive to her faculty and staff. We appreciate all of her efforts to make Yulee Primary School a great place to learn!