The Disappearing Spoon



The introduction opens up beginning with the authors life. It also talks about mercury and its strange properties. Their is also a bit about how every element has a story. He also talks about the first time he experience the periodic table. He then goes to talk about viewing the periodic table in a different way.


Atomic Number: 80

Atomic Mass:200.59



Element Classification: Transition Metal

Location: Mercury is being mined currently in Spain, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Algeria with small scale artisinal mining occurring in China, Russia (Siberia), Outer Mongolia, Peru, and Mexico (Greenfacts 2015).

Mercury: is important because it is useful for thermometers it is also extremely poisonous and therefore needs to be handle with care. It more likely comes in compound forms in nature such as Mercuric Sulfide and Mercuric Oxide (Greenfacts 2015).

Who Found Mercury: Unknown

Where was it Found: Unknown

There are Egyptian Tombs that date back to 1500 B.C. with mercury being found inside.

Characteristics: Poisonous, Dissolves most metals to form Amalgams, and reacts only with oxide acids not just normal acids (Wikipedia 2016).


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