IPS Exam Study Guide

Lab Safety

Nurse ext. 2828

Roll up sleeves with burner

Scientific Method

1. Identify the problem

2. Gather info

3. Form a hypothesis/theory

4. Test theory + experiment

5. Analyze data

6. Conclusion

Reaction in a Bag


- Wear goggles

- Open bag away from people


- Solid A: rocks, causes to get hot

- Solid B: powder- causes to get cold

- Turns yellow

- Substance bubbles

- Gets hot

- Solids dissolve

- Bag gets a lot of pressure

- Gets cold after it's hot

- Thick liquid

- Gas came from reaction and filled up bag tight

- Red liquid must be there in order for mixture to bubble

Chapter 1.1: Baking Soda Lab


- Water vapor on glass

- water recedes

- glass gets black on bottom

drops of water go from t.tube to the bottle

- when fire is turned off, baking soda fizzes

- Baking soda is in chunks when iced tea is poured

Post Lab

- If colors are not the same, something in heated baking soda must've changed and it's not baking soda anymore

- Control Group: Unheated baking soda and tea

- Experimental Group: Heated baking soda and tea