Texting: The Modern day talking

How texting is controlling our daily lives.

Media to Me

To me the “media” is a collaboration of ideas and thoughts put together in a formatted way in order to appeal to mass groups of individuals. Media can be used to address certain issues and concerns we have as a society and can possibly address them and correct them to our liking and behavior. There are many media outlets that we use every day and do not even notice at times, these outlets include; social, apps, newspapers, articles on line, and handwritten material such as books and magazines. These are used to communicate to the public and keep them informed of current events and problems in our world. In today’s world communication is very essential to keep track of latest events, and we have also progressed to where the latest news can be heard from a person’s phone or tablet device. However, with all this new technology there comes a time where we the people need to know how to use it to our advantage and keep each other safe. Media literacy to me is the ability to understand how to use something and even make something for yourself using technology outlets. Having the ability to comprehend what you are using is one aspect of the literacy, but knowing how to write and tell others how to use it is what makes an individual a teacher in media literacy. So what we have in the modern day is something extraordinary with our tablets, phones, and internet televisions we have the ability to hear everything going on in the world through these devices so as long someone is writing them. This means we are growing together as a society and slowly but surely coming together as one.

Coca Cola Commercial "America is Beautiful"

Coke Commercial

In the recent Super Bowl commercial by Coca Cola, “It’s Beautiful” many Americans felt a plethora of emotions after seeing it. Americans took to the internet and raged their opinions to sites such as Twitter and Facebook saying how the song “America the Beautiful should only be sang in English. However, Coca Cola’s message intent was to show how America is a beautiful place made up of all people of race, religion, and sexual orientation and where tolerance is accepted and showing American values such as love, family, and friends. Finally, Coca Cola’s intent was to bring the world to be their audience and to show that America is a place of pure beauty just like their product.

Kinetic Literature

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Ever since 2014 started I have trying to get accepted into my one college I have applied for The Citadel. This process has been one of excruciating pain and gathering. The information that has to be gotten has been painful with such forms as medical, birth certificates, and letters of recommendation. I hope to go to The Citadel for 4 years and major in technical engineering; I also want to go into to the military Navy, to be exact. I hope to be a Surface Warfare Officer after The Citadel and serve 20 plus years in the Navy. I chose Surface Warfare because I believe that this way would be the fastest in order to achieve higher rank in the near future. Also being a part of intelligence aspect of it is fascinating lifestyle. I want to be in the Navy because I want to see the life at sea and travel the world to places I’ve never been to. Also being in the military is a family tradition ever since my grandfather and possibly beyond that however it was always Army, my father was even an Officer in the Army Reserves and was in charge of many soldiers while in the service. I want to have a distinguished military career in the Navy and serve my country honorably; basically the end goal is I want a ship named after me. Okay maybe not that big but I want to be remembered in some shape or form. But it all starts with this application process with The Citadel.


“Ukraine orders troops out of Crimea”

The ongoing efforts with more aggression in the Ukraine have prompted the interim Ukrainian president Oleksandr Turchynovto deliver the message of “get out… please” to Vladimir Putin. Initial reports of this action were confusing at first because the message was written on a napkin and hand delivered to Mr. Putin himself who was standing not too far by. Other reports from Russian intelligence show that Mr. Putin’s phone has been in very much contact with the president of Ukraine during the crisis calling every night and sending even text messages such as “TTYL, BRB, LOL, OMG, and ROFL.” It appears that the two presidents have had a very well established relationship in the past few months however trust issues have been called into question when it was soon discovered that president Oleksandr Turchynovto was texting, messaging on Facebook, and even seen hanging out with United States President Barack Obama. This infuriated Russian president Vladimir Putin quickly prompted invasion of the Ukraine after sending one final message to Ukrainian president saying,” I hope u are happy with wat u have done, FINE! It’s over but im taking back what is mine!” The international community is baffled at the immaturity of the two nations and hope to reach some sort of peaceful resolution soon.

Changing an Historical Event


Yesterday morning, January 2nd 1961, at 3 AM President Kennedy authorized Operation Thunder Strike. A plan in order to effectively end the short term war in Vietnam. The plan which included a 12 hour nonstop bombing campaign capped off with a Hydrogen bomb being dropped on the North Vietnamese capital Hanoi. Other key areas hit were strategic military outposts controlled by the NVA soldiers and even a few Russian outposts. The total number of deaths is not confirmed at this time however the estimated number ranges to 750,000 to 1,500,000 Vietnamese people and soldiers. This move was decided in what President Kennedy calls “A way to deliberately end the shorthanded war with little loss to American life as possible and proving to the world that we are the only global power”. The statement came after the final bombs were dropped on Hanoi, while altogether the NVA has effectively surrendered to the South Vietnamese Army and has accepted to Democracy. This has made Vietnam the first country so close to a Communist country be a Democratic State. Immediately at 5 PM that same day President Kennedy was contacted by Soviet Leaders to talk about tensions of the Cold War.


The aftermath of the timeline of President Kennedy dropping the Hydrogen bomb on the Vietnamese capital was that the Cold War ended almost immediately. Russia’s influence ended and communist’s states such as Cuba, The USSR, North Korea, and other influenced countries dropped their communist states and became democratic. The USSR however collapsed economically under the weight of rebellion and uproar of pro-communist supporters. President Kennedy also avoids the possibility of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Because of this he is not assassinated in Dallas, Texas in 1963 and wins a second term as President. He goes on to bring the country to economic stability and prosperity. Kennedy also sees his dream of the Civil Rights bill being passed through congress creating equal rights for all Americans. His presidency ended in 1968. He is regarded as one of America’s most premier Presidents and most admired.

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Final Thoughts and Feelings about 1984

The book, “1984” by George Orwell was probably the most realistic dystopia book I have ever read. The future is depicted in where the party or government is even in control of personal lives and choices. The ending to the book is the true horror of the novel in where Winston cannot even die as a free man he is brainwashed and swore allegiance to Big Brother and is then executed. The idea that no one can even die free that even in death we are still slaves to an idea or human bond is monstrous. I believe the ending was as real as it could get I would not have wanted to change anything with it, even when the idea of love is erased from their society and how children can belatedly rise up against their parents and have them arrested is brilliantly written.

Criticism towards our government is an undeniable freedom that should be given to every individual, the principal of having your own opinion and questioning others makes us human. If you take that freedom away than we are no longer human beings but rather animals. Orwell wrote the book, “1984” in 1948, he predicted a future where country’s government was far too powerful and that its own people were enslaved under its rule. Today some of our own basic freedoms are under the same attack that the people in, “1984” were under attack and lost the battle. We must not give up those same freedoms in exchange of security and protection.

"Big Brother is watching you" shows how the government has total control over the state and its people.

"War is peace" is the perfect oxymoron because you can't have both in any society.

"2 plus 2 equals 5" demonstrates how the government is controlling basic knowledge and subjecting you to their own beliefs.

Final Thoughts on Class

Over the past semester the class, “British Literature” has taught I a plethora about media literacy, our own government, propaganda, and really how the human mind works towards situations presented to people. I have a better understanding of a dystopian society and how our own government may try to enact the same policies and security measures in the novel, “1984”. This class has been different in the sense of a totally different agenda and ongoing effort to learn about modern technology in social media. We have spent more time in the computer labs and on lab tops than any other class I have ever been in. This is a good thing because this generation of students understands the computer, its functions, and really its purpose and ability. However, we do not understand what it could be fully capable of doing that is why this class teaches my fellow students and me the ability to use it properly and to the best of its ability. I would say in order to make this class better just have more grades in at one time, because for the longest time my grade was failing from the beginning of the semester and when I did miss things and turned them in it would still be delayed a few days or even a week. Other than that one reason the class was extremely informative and ongoing there wasn’t a day we weren’t engaged in studies or learning more about current events happening worldwide. I would say the one thing I would take away from this class is how the work was actually challenging but also creative in a sense. I really felt like that I could be free but also at the same time be in control of what I was doing.