Essential Energy Assessment

What is Energy?

Energy is the ability to do work.Everything has energy.Energy is all around us.It can not be created or destroyed.We use it every day such as running,walking,swimming,eating,talking and other different movements.Energy can be in many different forms too.Light,heat,

potential,kinetic,nuclear,electrical and many more.

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What are the types of energy?

There are many different types of energys.Light,potential,kinetic,nuclear,heat and many more.Heat energy can be in lots of objects such as the oven,microwave and the sun.It can also be transferred to other objects too.The sun gives us heat and light so as the oven and the microwave.Potential energy is energy that is stored in an object such as fans,yoyos and a soccer ball.They can transform.When you turn on the fans it will transform into kinetic energy so as the yoyos and the soccer ball.When you release the yoyo,it will turn into kinetic energy too.
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What Are The Sources Of Energy?

There are many different sources of energy such as wind energy,solar energy,fossil fuels and many more.Solar energy creates electricity through solar panels and then solar panels use the sunlight to change it to electricity.This is what you might have on top of your house to get electricity.It is almost the same with the wind energy.The turbines will spin around by the wind and create electricity.
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What Happens When Energy is Transferred?

When energy is transferring it is transferring their energy to one another such as heat energy,light energy and kinetic energy.The sun gives us heat and light which is transferring the energy to us.So as the kinetic energy.When i punch a water bottle it will move and that is transferring the kinetic energy to the water bottle.
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What Happens When Energy Is Transformed?

When energy is transforming it is changing from one energy to another.These items can change from one energy to another.A television,car,wind turbines and hydro power.A television has electrical energy but when you turn it on,it will turn into sound or light energy.Same goes with the cars.Cars has chemical energy but when you turn it on,it will turn into heat energy or mechanical energy.
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What Will Happen In The Future?

In the future,we will have to find different sources of energy.Fossil fuels will eventually run out and we have to wait for another thousands of years.It is also bad for the environment too.We have to burn fossil fuels to get electricity and that affects the global warming of the Earth.
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