La Clase de Español I

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Hello and Welcome to our December Newsletter!

I can hardly believe that this is our last week of class! I want to remind you that you will take your final exam at your regular school on either December 2 or December 3. You school will let you know what is your assigned day and time.

The Spanish I AB final exam is comprised of 50 questions and it is cumulative. This means that every single question comes from quizzes/exámenes you have already completed. Reviewing your quizzes and your course content would be great ways to prepare for the exam. You can also find additional reviewing resources in this newsletter. Please ask questions if you have them.

Best wishes on the Final Exam! Looking forward to seeing some great grades on Wednesday and Thursday! (:

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Extra help for tricky grammar topics

Subject Pronouns

Pronoun Paradise

El Verbo Ser

How to Use the Verb Ser in Spanish

El Verbo Estar

Present Tense Review

PRESENT TENSE: how to conjugate (form) //AR //ER //IR verbs in the present indicative

Video about Future Events (ir and a)

Stem-changing Verbs

PRESENT INDICATIVE TENSE: Stem Changing Verbs in Spanish

How to use Direct Object Pronouns

The Present Progressive Tense

The Present Progressive in Spanish

The Preterite Tense

PRETERIT TENSE: An introduction, endings, translations

Ser & Ir in the Preterit Tense

02 Spanish Lesson - Preterite - irregulars - ir & ser
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Our Next Live Chat

Wednesday, Nov. 4th 2015 at 7:30pm

This is an online event.

Chats are every Wednesday at 7:30 pm. Remember you can ask questions during these sessions about any material. Bring your notes! (: