Penguins And How They Survive!

Kallie Rinaldi

Vocabulary Words

Adaptive: Showing or having the ability to adapt .

Penguins adapt as they get older.

Survive: To remain alive : to continue to live.

Penguins survive up to 15 too 20 years.

Flipper: One of two flat body parts, that stick out from the side of animal and are used by the animal for swimming.

Penguins are all sizes and all ages always have flippers on them.

How Do Penguins Survive?

How do penguins survive? Something that helps penguins survive is, that penguins can use their flipper as a weapon. Also something that helps penguins survive is, when in water penguins can swim up to as fast as 20 miles per hour so they can swim away from their enemies in the sea/ocean. Another thing that helps penguins survive is, penguins have a thick layer of fat under their feathers. Also they huddle together to keep warm. When penguins are on land and they want to get away from a predators they slide on their belly's to get away. How do penguins survive?

Deep Connections

A connection I have to penguins is, in 3rd grade for Girl Scouts we went on a field trip to Mystic Aquarium. When we were looking at all the animals outside we saw penguins and the looked so conformable and cute and they looked happy with the other penguins. When we saw the penguins they were babies. That is a connection I have to penguins!
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