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April 2022

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Celebrating & Supporting our Community

Welcome Kennedy/NAHS/VAAS CoS students, families and community members! Please join us in celebrating all of the fantastic work that is happening at our schools. Thank you to our amazing principals, teachers, staff, students and families who have made all of these events possible. You make our Community of Schools a shining star!

Castlebay Welcomes Board Member Scott Schmerelson and 4th Grade Students Raise Chicks!

Board Member Scott Schmerelson always makes it a priority to visit all schools in Board District 3 and speak with students and staff. On Wednesday, March 30th he visited Castlebay Lane. He had a chance to meet with staff, speak with Student Council, visit classrooms and got to see Castlebay's Vex Robotics Club.
Students in 4th grade at Castlebay Lane Charter are learning about life cycles. After waiting patiently for 21 days, 13 chicks have hatched! Students and parents have signed-up to take the chicks home daily so they can continue to get cared for after school hours.

Knollwood Preparatory Academy

Knollwood students celebrated Dr. Seuss and Cultural Day in March!

Tulsa's Gardening Program

Tulsa has partnered with Enrich LA Gardening Program, a community wellness non-profit organization that builds edible gardens in local schools. Tulsa's school garden consists of 4 raised beds, a reading garden and an outdoor classroom. Students receive direct instruction from a garden expert, connecting gardening to health, wellness and curricular subjects such as math and science.

Danube Celebrates Kids' Heart Challenge and Welcomes Board Member Scott Schmerelson

Danube Elementary celebrated its annual Kids' Heart Challenge event on March 23rd. The event, formerly known as Jump for Heart, helps raise money for the American Heart Association while also raising awareness about the importance of exercise to keep our hearts healthy and strong.

On Wednesday, March 30th, Board Member Scott Schmerelson brought his good cheer to Danube Elementary. Mr. Schmerelson has provided so much support to Danube, most recently helping us acquire an electronic marquee as well as our main office buzzer system that improved security! Thank you Mr. Schmerelson!

Mayall's Father Daughter Paint Night

Mayall had a virtual Father Daughter Paint Night! Mrs. Corinne Milner, an artist, led the lesson step by step. Every participant received a canvas, paint brushes, acrylic paints, a bottle of apple cider, and a delicious cookie. All fathers and daughters who participated had lots of fun and had a quality time together. Everyone shared their final paintings at the end. The event was very well received by everyone, and we are planning on having an event for mothers and sons soon.

Andasol Hosts a College and Career Day for Students

Andasol Avenue Elementary School celebrated College and Career Day on March 30th. They had a diverse group of presenters ranging from their very own talented school community parents, Los Angeles School Police, Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Firefighters, physicians, dentists, artists, scientists, politicians, nurses, veterinarians, educators, immigration advocates, and entrepreneurs. Andasol students were exposed to different careers and options. The Career Day presenters talked about their professions, steps they took to get there, and piqued Andasol students’ interest as they continue to explore their future career options. All presenters delivered an inspirational message and empowered Andasol students to continue to follow their dreams!

Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences Black History Month and Women's History Month Celebrations

This past February, in honor of Black History Month, VAAS visual arts students created these stunning interdisciplinary art work as seen below.

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VAAS also hosted a Women in History Month presentation. The inspiring panel, including Board President Kelly Gonez, shared great advice and information with our students about their career experiences.

Jane Addams High School 10 Week Academic Recognition, 125th Day of School, and Releve Hip Hop Dance Class

This past month there have been many celebrations and activities for Jane Addams High School. On the 125th day of school, we showed appreciation to students with proficient and basic attendance by giving them goody bags and celebrating their accomplishments with their peers. Every student also received recognition and a token of appreciation for being present. We also took time to recognize and reward students who have completed 1-5 classes the first 10 weeks of Spring Semester. It is important to make our students feel appreciated for their accomplishments and to let them know we see how hard they are working. Jane Addams High School has also introduced the Releve Hip Hop Dance Class every Thursday during periods 2nd, 3rd, Lunch, and Advisory for all its staff and students to enjoy. This allows a safe space where students can relax, have fun amongst their peers and learn Hip Hop dance and develop collaboration and leadership skills. Please see the photos in the Releve section below.

KNV Community of Schools Partners with Releve Studios!

KNVCoS is excited to announce that we have partnered with Releve Studios, a KNVCoS parent owned dance and theater studio in Northridge, to provide all elementary schools in our Community of Schools and our continuation high school with dance and theater classes. Releve provides a rich dance and theater curriculum that supports students to become empowered leaders, develop their collaboration skills, and aligns with grade level standards all while allowing students to have fun and experience the creativity and power of dance and theater! See some of our students in their Releve classes below.

Jane Addams' students participating in Releve's Hip Hop Dance class!
Mayall Academy of Arts and Science 1st grade students participating in a bus improv activity in their theater class with Releve. The students love the theater class and the teachers also rave about the program and say how exciting, engaging, and relevant to their grade level it is.

Holocaust Speaker Series

All of KNVCoS's secondary schools were invited to participate in LDNW's Holocaust Speaker Series. Students were given a unique opportunity to hear the living history of Holocaust survivors. The average age of the survivors is 94, so we are fortunate to be able to hear and learn from their stories in this way. If you would like to be able to watch some of the presentations, please see the links below. We must never forget!
Joseph Alexander: Holocaust Survivor Speaker Program (LAUSD LDNW)

Parent & Community Engagement and Updates

Parent Center Updates

Parent Center Directors from schools across our Community of Schools gathered to share resources and best practices to be able to continue to support our families. Please see the pictures below of all of the Parent Center Directors.

San Jose St Elementary School was one of the schools chosen for the Parent and Family Center Improvement Program! Congratulations, San Jose! We can't wait to see the improvements!

Coffee with the Local District Northwest Superintendent

KNVCoS Town Hall

Please join us on April 5th at 4pm for a Town Hall. Please register here:

Virtual Equity Workshops

We are inviting all parents to join us for a series of Virtual Equity Workshops! These workshops compliment our District's Implicit Bias training for all employees. Parents will explore the dangers of single narratives, our diverse histories, implicit bias, being an ally and advocate. Clink the flyer below for the zoom link.
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E-Choices Late Application 2022-2023

The E-Choices Late Application for 2022-23 is from February 1st- September 23rd.

Families can apply up to 5 programs: Magnet, Dual Language Education, Schools for Advanced Studies, Admission Criteria Schools and Affiliated Charter Schools

Learn more and apply here

Social and Emotional Support

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Upcoming Events

Spring Recess

Monday, April 11th, 8am to Friday, April 15th, 3pm

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