Mrs Raynold. THS- 2013-2014

Biology- 2, 5, 6 & 7.

Class syllabus

FULL NAME: _______________________ Mrs. Raynold’s Biology classes

DATE: ________________ ​ Periods 2, 5, 6 and 7

SUBJECT: Biology Talawanda High School

PERIOD: _____________ August 2012

Biology is a two semester course required for all students to graduate. Typically it is taken in the tenth grade. The topics covered correlate with the standards mandated by the state of Ohio. Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of living things and their environment.

Course Goals

1.understand fundamental Biological concepts

2.develop an awareness and concern about Biological issues that affect the community and the world at large

3.understand the role, place and interactions of organisms in the biosphere

4.develop an awareness of recent discoveries in Biology and inspire students to expand their knowledge beyond the Biology classroom

5.prepare students in planning and fulfilling their personal and vocational career goals

6.appreciate the diversity of living systems

7.demonstrate mastery of the processes of scientific inquiry

8.use cognitive skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and ethical analysis

9.understand the personal, social and ethical implications of Biology andBiotechnology

Major Units

Sustainability- ecological systems resiliency, resources uses and availability, ecological

footprints, making sustainable decisions

Ecology- Living on Earth - Flow of energy through ecosystems, global ecosystems,

population ecology, photosynthesis and respiration

Cell Biology –World Health- structure and function of animal and plant cells, cell specialization, basic biochemistry, disease causing microbes, mitosis and meiosis

Genetics/Heredity – Feeding the world - phenotype, genotype, traits, DNA replication, mutations, protein synthesis, gene expression, genetic engineering

Evolution- Maintaining Biodiversity levels of biodiversity, introduction to phylogeny, evolutionary processes and natural selection, speciation, evidence for natural selection.


Technology use in the classroom