Child Adoptions

By:Taylor Lokken hour:7

All kinds of family's are needed for adoption. You can be married,divorced, or single. You don't have to be experienced in parenting. An adopted child has the same rights as a child born to the family.

Media Influences.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt having all of their children adopted from other countries. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra from the show teen mom gave up their baby Carly for an open adoption.

Interpersonal Communication.

You can talk to an adoption agency and you can talk about what kind of criteria you need in order to adopt or what kind of child you would like to adopt. More than likely the Adoption Assistance is through the state or county of the child's origin and you could talk about the child's home life now and how to improve it.

Positive and Negative effects.

A positive effect is that the child will more than likely live a happier life growing up. A negative effect is that as the child gets older they may not like that fact that they're adopted and use it against their adoptive parents. Another Positive effect is that they may also have a much healthier and safer home life than they would have in the past before they were adopted. Another negative effect is that they may get made fun of in their school life because they are adopted and "different" than the children who live with their birth parents. A positive effect is that there are less children who have to grow up in multiple family's in foster care. A negative effect is having to find out your adopted besides finding out from your parents.


Planes because then people can adopt children from other countries and not have to drive there. They can either fly to the children and get them or have the children flown to them. Email and phones because if you have an open adoption that is a much easier way to get ahold of both sets of parents without having to go to houses or mailing letters. Adoption Websites because that way you can talk to and ask professionals for help if needed.

Local Source.

The name of the center is A Circle of Love Adoption Center. The address of the adoption center is 410 E Jackson St, Mankato, MN 56001. The phone number for the adoption center is (800) 448-5437.