Snapshots of Mrs. Jump's Class

1st Grade 2016-2017

Becoming world changers through kindness and leadership.

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Thank You Pit Crew!

We would like to thank our PIT Crew for sponsoring our mural at the front entrance with our mission statement. Nicole Ashleigh Art created this design and painted this for our building.

Note from the teacher

This has been another busy and wonderful week in 1st grade as we wrapped up 1st Quarter. Time is flying by! We had a great time in science exploring our 5 senses using apples! We tasted several different types of apples! In Reading, we read lots of stories and identified the beginning, middle, and end. In Writing, we completed our 1st Quarter Writing Benchmark, which was a narrative. In Math, we took our post test on fact families. See the data portion below for our amazing progress! We also completed our 1st Quarter Math Assessment, which covered everything that was taught throughout 1st Quarter.

We also had a visit from the Republic Fire Department and learned how we can stay safe if we are ever in a situation where there is a fire. During our ROAR assembly on Monday, we learned how we can spread encouragement to others in many different, simple ways. In our classroom we followed up by writing encouragement notes to send to our friends at the middle school who will then pass them on to other kids and adults in our community. This was such a neat discussion with our first graders, teaching them that even at their ages, they can spread encouragement and kindness to others.

During our assemblies, we would like for students to remain seated with their classes. These assemblies are an opportunity for us to build a sense of community with our students and staff so we would like to keep them all together. There will be times when students are participating in an activity or getting an award and need to be with their classes. You may find your child after the assembly to congratulate them on their award. We appreciate your help and understanding as we celebrate our awesome students.

Ways to help your child at home

The sight word list that was sent home is another great way to practice at home. As well as just basic handwriting and making sure they are using the correct path of movement. It is still common for 1st graders to have some backwards numbers and letters when writing, however we are working hard to correct these backwards formations.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the take home readers that are coming home! This helps with fluency so much as they get extra opportunities to practice which makes them more and more proud of themselves as they read fluently. Remind them that comprehending what they are reading is just as important as reading the words. We look at both of these components when moving them up reading levels.

Upcoming explorations

READING: Next week, we will work on identifying the beginning, middle, and end in stories.

WRITING: Next week, we will introduce How-To Writing.

MATH: Next week, we will begin solving equations with unknown partners.

SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE: Next week we are going to learn about wants and needs.


Student spotlight

Each week, we will have a student that we feature in our classroom. If you have not already, please have your child return the "Superkid" handout that was provided during Open House. We use this handout for our Student Spotlight board. This week, we featured Gracie! I think Gracie enjoyed being in our student spotlight.

Gracie is a 6 year old girl who wants to be a Chef.

A few of her favorite things are:

Color: Pink

Animal: Kittens

Food: Mac & Cheese

Book: Pete the Cat

Sport: Soccer

T.V.Show: Dora & Friends

Holiday: Christmas

She loves school because she likes to read, play, eat, and learn. Most importantly, she likes to have fun! In her free time, she enjoys playing with her neighbors outside, playing video games, playing dolls, taking naps, jumping on her trampolene, and swimming!

Stay tuned to see who we feature next. :-)

School calendar

Oct. 14: End of First Quarter

Oct. 19-Nov. 2: Major Saver Discount Fundraiser

Oct. 28: Grade Level Fall Harvest Parties (more info to come)

Nov. 2 & Nov. 3: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Nov. 11: Veteran's Day Assembly @ 9:00a.m.

Nov. 18: Fall PIT Crew event/3rd-5th Music Program (more info to come)

Family "Fun"damentals Night

Price Families,

We are excited to announce our next Family "Fun"damentals Night on Friday, November 18th from 5:30-6:45. The sessions will take place before the 3rd-5th grade musical, which will begin at 7:00. At our Family "Fun"damentals Fiesta in September, we collected feedback from families regarding future topics of interest, and the top two chosen were behavior management and social skills. This time, presenters will be sharing about how our school targets these two areas, as well as ideas for a wide range of behavior and personality types. This information will be meaningful for ALL participants, not just families of students with difficulties in these areas. Hamburgers, chips, and drinks will be served for free while supplies last; however, donations will be accepted. Childcare will be provided for children ages 4 and up during the sessions. Be watching your e-mail inbox and the Price Elementary Facebook page for a way to RSVP in the next few days! We hope to see you there!

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Veteran's Day Assembly

Price Families,

We will be hosting a Veteran's Day Assembly on Friday, November 11th at 9:00 am in the Price gym. We would like to invite all Price family members who have served or are currently serving in the armed forces. We also ask that you submit a picture of your child's serviceman or woman. This can be scanned and e-mailed to your classroom teacher or sent in your child's backpack. If sending a physical picture, Kari or Megan in the front office will scan this image and return it to your child. These images will be used in our assembly slideshow. We look forward to seeing your family at this assembly and would thank all of those who have so selflessly served our country.

Price Holiday Market

Saturday, Dec. 3rd, 9am-3pm

518 North Hampton Avenue

Republic, MO

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Please remember, attendance is one of the key ingredients to your child's success in school. So much is missed that cannot be duplicated when they are absent. Thank you for all you do to ensure your child's academic success!

We had 98.8% attendance this week! Our building goal is to have an attendance average of 95.8%. We surpassed our goal! YAHOO!!!! Thank you for ensuring that your child is present at school each day! We are now 8 letters away from another dance party!

Student Flu Vaccine Clinic

Student Flu Vaccine Clinic is coming to Republic Schools

A student flu vaccine clinic will be offered by Jordan Valley Community Health Center to ALL students in the Republic R-III School District. They will be at Price on October 27th. This is available to ALL students, regardless of income or insurance status. A consent form must be completed for your child to receive the flu vaccine. The vaccine that will be given this year is the inactivated influenza shot. Unfortunately, the nasal mist is not available. You may request a consent form from the school nurse.

Amy Searson, RN

Price Elementary School Nurse



This was another week of fantastic Math Data! We completed our Unit 2 Big Idea 4 Post-Assessment. Our class percentage on the pre test over the standard of applying properties of operations (fact families) was 6.3% met. This week after our post test we had 14/16 students met or advanced which is 87.5% and an 81.2% increase in proficiency! Each pre and post test is proving to the class that they ARE learning skills and doing great! I love to see them excited about their learning!!

Lunch Visitors


You are all welcome to join your student for lunch if you would like. You are welcome to bring lunch from outside the school or eat a school lunch with your child. If you are planning on surprising your student by joining them for lunch, please communicate this to me so that I can submit an accurate lunch count to the kitchen. Thank you!

PBIS/LIM update

Our students are doing a great job Rocking the ROAR! Ask your child what they have done this week to earn a signature/compliment.

We had a class meeting and discussed our pluses and deltas. In our class meeting, we focused heavily on ensuring that students feel as if they are respected by peers. We talked about ways to ensure that we are being respectful and ways to address situations in which we do not feel respected.

Also, we want to inform you of our updated behavior management system. We are now implementing a "Price Minor Incident" form when students exhibit disruptive behaviors. This form will be used to document disruptive behavior and the support/intervention provided to teach and redirect the misbehavior, and communicate the behavior and support to the parents/guardians.

Safety Month

Safety Month

Price Families, we are excited to announce that the month of October is safety month in our school. We will be focusing on many ways to help teach kids to be safe. During this month we will have special guest visitors from the Red Cross, the Republic Fire Department, and the Republic Police Department. Students are able to learn different ways they can stay safe at school and at home. To finish out our month of safety we will have a spirit week to celebrate what we know. Be sure to talk with your student all about the safety tips they have learned so far!

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Sole Food Shoe Collection

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Cafeteria Challenge

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We are currently at 105 school lunches purchased for the month of October so far! So far, we are in the lead. Let's keep ordering those school lunches and earn that pumpkin painting celebration! Thank you for helping us with our Cafeteria Challenge. :-)

Classroom needs

Thank you to everyone that has donated items for our class needs. It is truly appreciated! :-)

  • Candy and/or small prizes for our treasure box :-)
  • Hand Sanitizer

Parent Readers

If you didn't get a chance to sign up at Open House and would like to come read to us, please let me know. We LOVE having you in our room!


  • Please be sure to call the office by 2:30 if your child has a transportation change.
  • Your child may bring a water bottle to school. Also they may only bring plain water. Gatorade, flavored water, tea, soda, juice will not be allowed in class.
  • P.E. day is Wednesday. Please remember to wear tennis shoes.
  • Please try to check your email daily because this will be my main source of communication with you.