Armenian Genocide

By: Turks (Trevor Curran)

First of its Kind

The Armenian Genocide was planned to happen during WWI. In the years of 1915-1923 there were about 1.5 million Armenians perished from the Ottoman Empire. About a million were deported, some of them butchered outright, and others died of starvation. The Turks were the ones who did this.


There wasn't much media portrayals back in 1915, but news got out. Newspapers articles were published all over the world to get awareness out. this is a link of articles that countries published that either denied, was neutral, or openly recognized genocide from 1915.


There is a movie that came out on the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The movie is called 1915. Here is a link of the trailer.


Watching the trailer to 1915, the bias is reliving the past of the Armenian Genocide. There is a play going to be done that relives it. But while that goes on a girl is actually reliving the whole thing. there is a Turkish soldier standing with them at all time. it shows how the Armenians had no freedom and they just want justice.

The other bias I found was leaning toward the Armenians searching for refuge after the murdering of over 800,000 of there people. It is reaching towards the American people to help raise money to help these survivors.

Historical Criticism

I believe in the trailer there is Historical criticism being used. With the 100 year anniversary happening a week and a half ago, the Turks still haven't confessed. A play is being done to show what happens and it brings up memories from stories being told. Seeing the people protest with signs and yelling "justice" just shows the Turkish are selfish and can't admit to what they have done.

The article also uses historical criticism. This criticizes the feeble attempts by the Turkish Government by "apologizing" for the "greater catastrophe" to all of the Armenian people. This is signifying that the Turks still do not recognize the genocide as a genocide.


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