Cougar Connection

October 9, 2020


I am grateful for the patience, support and encouragement we have received as we have planned and prepare for students to return to school. It has been overwhelming at times, but the thought of our families and the return of students have kept us moving forward with anticipation.

While we have to make some adjustments, we are celebrating success. More than anything else, your students were a delight, and it was so great to see their excitement in being back at school. We have all heard concern about anxiety as students return to school, and we had our eye on your children. We were so amazed that all of the students made such a smooth transition into their classrooms!

We credit this to your flexibility with student drop off and to our teachers who welcomed them, continued to build community and a safe space in the classroom.

We did discover a change we need to make with pick up:

There is no change with students taking the bus or kindergarten students being released at 27th Street.

First grade is being released at 2:35.If you are NOT a first grade parent, please do not park and wait. It will hold up the line and flow of what we are trying to do; get the students to you in a timely manner.

Students walking home will now be released by the bike area near 28th street. Please pick them up under the canopy.

Families picking up students in vehicles must stay in their vehicles at all times for the safety reasons. Please use the name card we gave your student in to help us expedite their release from campus. Parents may not park in the parking lot and walk to get their students. If you would like your child to meet you closer to the main crosswalk, they should be designated as walkers so they can come to you instead of the other way around.

Also, if you are on campus, you must wear a mask, even if you are outside waiting for your children. We are following strict CDC and district guidelines and I would like for everyone to feel safe while on campus.

We look forward to having ALL of our grade levels back on Monday. Please be patient with our teachers as they are navigating new waters and double duty. If they are not online right away, please just wait until they log in. They WILL be there to attend to the PVConnect students but timing in going to take some practice.

Things to remember:

Gates open at 8:05

Cafeteria opens at 8 for breakfast

No morning recess

Bring a water bottle labeled with your name

Bring extra masks

First graders are released at 2:35pm

Walkers are released from the far cafeteria door under the canopy

Stay in your car for car pick up

NVAA 5th grade starts at Shea at 8am

If you for get lunch, one will be provided.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Stacey Orest

From Mrs. Ruby

Hi STEM friends, I had so much fun building, creating, and learning with you virtually! I know many of you created STEM bins with materials you had at home. Instead of throwing those things away... I would love to use them for my STEM class. There will be a box in the office marked "STEM Material Donations" that you can put your unused materials in. Things like toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, empty tissue boxes, plastic grocery bags, etc. Thanks so much! Hope to see you soon. Mrs. Ruby

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Desert Cove's Mission

Mission statement: Desert Cove provides a collaborative culture that supports and celebrates student diversity, lifelong learning, and engagement in a global community.

Vision: To prepare and motivate students to achieve their personal best, to embrace learning, and build their emotional, social and physical well-being, enabling students to flourish as contributing and healthy citizens in our community.

Beliefs: Safe, Seen, Celebrated