Counseling Psychologist

by: Libby Wooten

Job Description

A Counseling Psychologist is a well-preserved people person. They work with individuals, families, and groups to assess and evaluate their problems.

Working Conditions

They work in a calm environment, usually a nice, peaceful, and comfy room where the only 2 people are the counselor and the individual seeking advice or help, unless it is a family or group as well.

Training and Education Requirements

Those interested in counseling psychology careers will usually start by earning a four-year Bachelor's degree in psychology. In order to start their careers, however, advanced degrees are usually necessary. A number of universities offer Master's and Doctoral degrees in counseling psychology.

Personal Characteristics

-social perceptiveness

-active listening

-critical thinking

-service orientation



33.93 and hour/ 70,580 annual

They get to make their own hours and can work in really any kind of environment they prefer, and you really have to put yourself out there to find clients.

Education Spotlight

- Abilene Christian University [Abilene, Texas]

- Colorado Christian University [Lakewood, Colorado]