Bethany Hamilton has become a source of inspiration to millions through her story of faith, determination, and hope. Born into a family of surfers on February 1990, on Kauai, Hawaii, Bethany began surfing at a young age. When she was 8, Bethany entered her first surf competition, the Rill Sun Menehune event on Oahu, she won the short and long board divisions. This sparked a love for surfing in her .Bethany’s parents instilled their faith in Jesus Christ; at age 5 she made the decision to have a personal relationship with Him


At the age of 13 Hamilton was attacked by a 14 foot tiger shark. She lost 60% of her blood. Hamilton lost her arm from the attack. At that age it is very easy to give up, but Bethany did not. The doctors told her she might not be able to surf again, but she kept trying anyways. Just one month after the attack she got right back into the water. She failed many times, but she got right back up. She wasn't going to let this come between her and her goal, to become a professional surfer. In January just three months after the accident, she started competing again.


In 2007 Bethany pursed her dream and become a professional surfer. Since losing her arm, Bethany’s story has been told in hundreds of media outlets and she has been recognized with numerous awards and public speaking's. In 2004, Bethany shared her life story in the autobiography Soul Surfer, 7 years later they made it into a movie. Bethany has wrote 7 books since her accident. She helps out with many charities, including her own foundation Friends of Bethany, which helps with other shark attack victims, amputees, and inspires others through her life story.


Bethany has overcame a shark attack that could have ended her surfing career and could have even ended her life. Her determination to believe in herself made her a worldwide miracle and inspiration. She continues to travel around the world either in completions or volunteering to those in need. Bethany continues to build her legacy to this day.



Bethany Hamilton Soul Surferb (book)