Kirsten, Savanna, Michelle


What: White collar jobs available.
Time period: 1960's

Location: America

Cause: Economy benefits.

reason: Availability for higher paying jobs.

result: Boosted the economy, the white collared had more money to spend.

significance: Brought economy up, Civil rights down

to whom: Various races, the poor, and woman all taking a step back in their fight after the war.

What: Millions of Middle class Americans left cities to go live in suburbs taking economic sources with them.

Time period: 1960's

Location: America

Cause: Wanting to have the American dream when loved ones came home.

reason: Suburbs made, War over, Economy is better.

result: Brought economic resources out of cities, poor replaced jobs in cities.

significance: Provided jobs for poor, merchandise/household items sold often

to whom: Poor and Families.