Area 26 MVS Weekly Update

April 12th-18th

The Invitation - from Sherry Surratt

Do you like getting invitations? I remember when I was in elementary school I got an invite in the mail to a pajama-birthday party from my best friend Gina. So exciting! I slept with it under my pillow for a week and immediately got my Barbie sleeping bag (pink of course) from the basement. Being a special occasion, I insisted my mom wash it (in case the dog had slept on it) and of course this required my pink and purple bell bottom pj’s with the dangle-ball fringe. Just call me fancy.

I feel some of the same excitement as I dream about our upcoming theme A Fierce Flourishing and the passage in Isaiah 55. It’s not just a chapter about rest and celebration. It’s an intimate call, a holy woo from the God who knows every detail about you. He didn’t have to mail you an invitation because he already sent it before you were even born. He set a place for you at his party table, a place card with your name on it.

What will you do with this invitation? Will you toss it on your kitchen counter to be lost in the abyss of misfit mail, keys and junk from your purse you purge right before you leave the house (am I the only one who does this?). Or will you think about it every day and dream of what God has in store just for you within the wooing words come, come to the waters (vs 1) and his hint of an intimate whisper, give ear and come to me; listen, that you may live (vs 3). Will you lean in? Or will your busy life carry you off to endless tasks and details?

I think God has tremendous things to say to us this year. He’s calling us to stop and give notice to the circumstances of our lives, both joyous and frustrating. We all have them, every day. Things we are already thankful for, like bubble baths and crisp sheets. The smile on your daughters’ face that reminds you of what childish joy feels like. But there are other things that drive us crazy. That tone in your husbands’ voice that made you crazy. The frustration you felt when you didn’t get half the things done that you needed to today. Take notice. Ask God what they mean. They are there on purpose.

I’m excited about our theme this year because I know God is going to move in big ways in our hearts, and I think it’s going to start with our leadership, with you and me. He’s calling us, he’s making promises that won’t be broken. They have your name on them. As we lean in, as we listen, as we let him take over our heart, it will trickle down. Down to our leaders, our MOPS groups, our moms, their children and their marriages. I can’t wait.

APRIL Team Call

Monday, April 27th, 9pm

This is an online event.

We'll go over CLTE Planning Progress and the process for the Self-Evaluations/End-of-Year Review & Recommitment.

We will also map out a calendar of sorts for our MOPS year; what calls/events happen when, etc. This can help us care for our groups better!

Bring your Planner/Calendar!

End of Year Evaluation

Evaluation materials were sent to all MVS earlier this week. Please be sure to have your self-evaluation completed and sent to your AC by May 1

Self-Evaluations due to Ginny!!

Friday, May 1st, 12pm

This is an online event.

Email your completed self-evaluations to me NO LATER THAN 5/1 at noon.

Thanks! :-)

Bittersweet Bonnie Bye-Byes

(I had to find some sort of alliteration SOMEWHERE, word-nerd that I am!)

· You should have received and email last week regarding Bonnie’s resignation from MOPS. If you would like to connect with Bonnie in the days to come you may reach her at

Templates are HERE! Templates are HERE!

CLT templates for What Anchors You? are up on the website. These can be used to train leaders throughout the year at a live or webinar event. If you have questions about how to use them, please contact Ginny.

We will work through the trainings as a team throughout this summer so that you can offer these short trainings to the groups in your care this year.

Some Digital House Cleaning

We removed the listing of events from the Extend Your Reach page for leaders because we feel it will be difficult to maintain with the accuracy we need. If you have questions about how to see events scheduled, please contact your AC.