Derek Jeter

Baseball Legend

Derek Jeter's farewell speech to the Yankees on Derek Jeter Day


Derek Jeter stood in his fourth grade classroom in front of everyone and said, "When I grow up, I'm going to be a shortstop for the New York Yankees." Jeter's teacher explained that it was no surprise when Derek made his debut for the Yankees. Jeter's teacher says, "When it happened, it almost wasn't a big surprise. It was something he was talking about forever." Jeter is looked upon by many as hardworking and talented. Jeter's success has come at the expense of his hardwork and dedication.

As entrepreneur Jason Fell says, he displays class, he is humble, and he leads by example. Class. When do you hear about Derek Jeter's steroid scandal or any scandal for that matter? Humbleness. Derek Jeter, of all people, has a lot to brag about. Have you seen his stats? Example. On and off the field, Jeter worked hard for the love of the game and for his team, the New York Yankees.

It is tough to come close to Jeter's skill set. But, next to this is his work ethic and leadership ability. In his time with the New York Yankees, Jeter was named captain in 2003. This role of captain is specifically given to leaders. Jeter received this honor. One can desire to meet the goals and actions of this great player. The toughest would be to compare to his leadership throughout his career.

One might ask if a leader must display all of the leadership skills. To me, the true leadership skills are determined by the qualities displayed by the leaders themselves. In Derek Jeter's case, these qualities are humbleness, work ethic, leading by example, and class. Derek Jeter is known for his accomplishments on the baseball diamond, but when all of the fame fades away, he will be remembered for his leadership qualities. Jeter says it himself, "Leadership is more about what you do, not what you say."

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Above displays Derek Jeter's farewell to the fans of Yankee Stadium.