Chinese and Japanese expansion

About the far East

Ming dynasty!!!!!!!!

Word is, the Ming dynasty has collapsed, and the Qing dynasty is to now take over! Lets look back in history to the first Ming emperor, his name was Hongwu, and his successor Yonglo. In that time period they made the Forbidden City which has and will forever live as the emperor's palace forever!!

Things are heating up with the Manchurians!!!! Feelings with the Europeans, Shoguns, the Closed Country Policy, and all.

The Scoop

Various interviews have shown that the Manchurians, north of the Great wall are looking to invade!! This would put in place the Qing dynasty, and the end of the reign of Zheng He. The Japanese, and Chinese seem to be blocking us from their goods!!! Apparently Japan isn't allowing any foreign trade, they're calling it the closed country policy. They have developed a system named Tokugawa Shogunate, which is a system that will unify the nation and afford to keep everybody else out! What an idea huh?