Me as President.

By Cole Siegel, Danny Jury

The White House

I would love to be part of the of the tireless scene down in Washington D.C. Not only would i serve the people of this great country, i would also utilize the bowling alley and Presidential kitchen effectively.

Current issues in the world

Now I could sit up here and lie to you saying that America is great as it as ever been, but that would be a lie beyond measure. Currently the terrorism issue is getting out of control and it is spreading as we speak. We were first introduced to these cowards on the devastating day of 9/11, leading to the war on terror. Now this war on terror wasn't a battle that was won, in fact we must of mad it worse. We were fighting groups like Al Queda, or radicalists with a deadly obsession towards the destruction of America. Now it has mutated to ISIS and they are taking the fight to our country and out allies. In a span of ten years we have moved from fighting in sand in the middle of the desert to possibly our back yards. We must change this at once and make the people of America feel safe again.

Another problem we are facing in America is one involving the Muslim faith and people. The other day i heard that a Muslim restaurant was set a flame, then had the word written "go Home', in South Dakota. This is unacceptable, if that is an example of what a taste of freedom that America provides then i disgraced to call myself an American. The amount of discrimination between Americans and Muslims must stop, or else we might as well consider this Selma 2.0. In history i know of a race that was discriminated on for centuries and then we realized that we are the same as them, the race being African Americans. Now i must ask the reader, what is the difference between Muslims and African Americans, do you consider yourself selfish enough as better than a human being because of race?

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Solving the problems

The hardest thing a president is resolute and solve all conflicts, as a president you are a peace maker for your allies and your country. The terrorist issue is a tricky thing to solve in a just one passing of a law, it takes time to eradicate the cowards called ISIS. I propose we strengthen and lengthen the process for someone outside the country. To address the problem of Muslim discrimination i suggest increased laws towards the matter.

Presidential Powers I would use to solve Problems

-Chief executive:using all powers that are invested in me.

-Chief Diplomat: Helping allies and solving problems out of country.

5 leadership skills for a president

1-Consensus building: Approving something is one thing, having the support make the idea a great one

2-tiger teams: allowing the president access to the best a brightest America has

3-Conflict resolution: a president must take the time to look as the conflict from both side before deciding

4-Motivation: you must keep the people of American inspired towards there country

5-trust:Your council and people must believe you

requirements to be president

-Must be 35

-must be a resident within the united states for 14 years

-must be a natural born citizen

Perks of the job

Yearly salary-400,000


-Once you become the president you are part of the elite presidents club

-basically unlimited staff

-The White house jammed packed of activities for the president to do like a movie theater, bowling alley, pool, tennis court, 24 hour cooking service and many more

-You are invited to many exclusive events

-you get your own flying hotel called Air Force One

-You have the most secure ground transportation of the planet called the beast

-camp david

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Most important power of the president

The most important is to control the military in times of need. If he didn't have this power it would diminish the sense of power the president must entail to lead America.