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March 26th-29th

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Message from Mission Control

* Shout out to Vicki for ALL of her hard work getting the Lion King performance together! It was AMAZING, and we are SO appreciative of how much time and energy it took to create such a great performance!

* Evaluations and walk throughs will be winding down, and Bobby and I will work to get all of those completed in the next 2 weeks. Afterwards, we will start scheduling summative conferences, where we will reflect on the year, look at your goals, and discuss summer professional development plans.

* I will be off campus this Wednesday morning for the walk through on my house, but I should be back around 12:30 or so.

* K-4 grade, make sure to send me names of any ESL students who you feel would benefit from summer school. Please get me those names by tomorrow (Tuesday), if you have not already sent them to me. Thanks!

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Campus News

* Congratulations to all of our campus award winners! Kelly S., Amy, Melisa, and Olga, you are all SO deserving of your award!! We are blessed to work with all of you!

* Make sure to advertise the Color Run to your families. We are still taking forms, so they can disregard the date on the bottom of the form. This is going to be a great event, so we want as many people to attend as possible.

* Shout out to Laura Ingram for her work in getting our students prepared for the STEM Showcase last week! We had 3 boys participate and show off makerspace activities. Thank you, Laura, for getting this together! We really appreciate it!

* Don't forget about the Flash Mob practice for the dance on Thursday! The kids will love seeing the staff participate! Thanks to all of you who volunteered!

* Remember that we will have a closed campus on STAAR days. Make sure, if you have parents who attend lunch regularly , that they are aware that campus will be closed to visitors on April 11th and 12th.

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Great Expecations

This year, we will be implementing our GE life principles during announcements, as well as having the opportunity for kids to respond using the white interactive papers in the hallway (formerly used for vocabulary).

Each life principle will be talked about during a 1 week period. You will be getting the schedule sent this week, and it will also be posted on the One Note staff portal. We will discuss on announcements, and students will have the opportunity to write (or draw) how they show this life principle. For example, the first one is self discipline. They can write on the paper how they show or can use self discipline. This will require thinking and application... so it brings in the higher levels. We will talk about the expectations of how this will be used on the announcements, so the students are familiar with what is acceptable.

Just as the vocabulary has been done in the past, the life principles will remain posted on the wall, so that the students can see them and refer back to them. The Elk of the Month will be chosen based on the life principles that have been discussed for the month. Each student chosen will not have to demonstrate ALL of the life principles, but one or more.

This week, our life principle is:

Patriotism: devotion to one's country

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Wednesday, March 28th:

Kori off campus in AM (personal day)

6th grade band demo during 5th grade specials time (Part 2)

Thursday, March 29th:

3rd Grade Field trip to Medieval Times

Report cards sent home

Dance (4th/5th grade only) sponsored by Elk Junior Council

Friday, March 30th:

Bad Weather Day (NO SCHOOL)

Tuesday, April 3rd:

Individual Spring pictures

Thursday, April 5th:

Kori off campus at meeting

Color Run @ 6:00 pm

Friday, April 6th:

Clubs Today (follow Clubs schedule)

Monday, April 9th:

Kori off campus (personal day)

Tuesday, April 10th:

STAAR Testing: 4th Grade Writing

5th Grade Math

Wednesday, April 11th:

STAAR Testing: 5th Grade Reading

Thursday, April 12th:

Kori off campus (personal day)

Friday, April 13th:

Kori off campus (personal day)

Thursday, April 19th:

KG pictures

Friday, April 20th:

KG Transportation Parade @ 2:00

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