Robert L. Crippen "Friday" Bulletin


Teaching Expectations takes Time

"I can't control what life does to me, but I can control how to react to what life does." Lewis Timberlake

Mortar Word / Math Maker / College Word / Character Trait / PeaceBuilders Concept

Mortar Word-Contribute

Cluca's observations contribute to the understanding of why squirrels use snakeskin by--4th Grade Reading 2013

Math Maker--2+3=5

College Word--College

Character Trait--Fairness

PeaceBuilder's Concept--What is Peace?

Events over the Next Two Weeks:

  1. Blast Off Feature Class: Munoz / Learning Walks Week of 9/19-9/23--Reep & C. Gonzalez
  2. Monday, 9/19--1st 9 Weeks Report Cards Due at 8 AM
  3. Monday, 9/19--4th Grade Math Meeting w/Dr Luttrell in the Board Room 7:30-10 AM then Crippen Horizontal Planning from 11:45-3:15--Enter Subs in AESOP ASAP
  4. Monday, 9/19--Kindergarten Lunar Lunch at 10:10 in the Conference Room
  5. Tuesday, 9/20--Character Club and Team Tuesday for Kinder and 1st Grade--together in the Conference Room
  6. Tuesday, 9/20--DL Team Meeting 3:15-4:15 Ms. Andrade's Room
  7. Wednesday, 9/21--Non DL Literacy Meeting during your conference in Ms. Mayes's Office--bring current grades and Istation data
  8. Thursday, 9/22--Reports Cards Must Go Home
  9. Thursday, 9/22--Special Staff Meeting All Staff 3:15-4:15 Library--RTI and Istation--Hobbs
  10. Thursday, 9/22--PK Night for PK Parents
  11. Thursday, 9/22--5th Grade Math Meeting w/Dr. Luttrell in the Board Room 7:30-10 AM--Enter 1/2 day Subs Only
  12. Friday, 9/23--1st CARE Team Meeting of the Year--Hobb's Room 7-7:30 AM
  13. Blast Off Feature Class: Keiser / Learning Walks Week of 9/26-9/30--Kerne & King
  14. Monday, 9/26--3rd Grade Math with Stacey Cain--enter your subs in AESOP ASAP
  15. Tuesday, 9/27--Character Club and Team Tuesday for 4th & 5th Grade
  16. Tuesday, 9/27--1st Grade ELAR Planning Day in the Conference Room
  17. Tuesday, 9/27--4th and 5th Grade Math Observations with Ms. Cain--Ms. Blair will send a schedule to you via email (no sub needed)
  18. Wednesday, 9/28--See You at the Pole presented by Bible Club @ 7:15--NO TUTORING or OTHER CLUBS today
  19. Wednesday, 9/28--Kindergarten ELAR Planning Day in the Conference Room
  20. Wednesday, 9/28--DL Literacy Meeting during your conference in Ms. Mayes's Office--bring current grades and Istation data
  21. Wednesday, 9/28--Tailgate Luncheon in the Lounge presented by the Office to celebrate September Bdays
  22. Thursday, 9/29--K-2 Math Meeting with Dr. Luttrell during your conference period in the conference room
  23. Friday, 9/30--National Custoidan Appreciation Day--thank our awesome custodians for all they do to keep our school squeaky clean
  24. Friday, 9/30--Eddie Eagle Gun Safety for 2nd Graders 7:30 AM


  • Be sure to LOCK and PROP your doors. Think safety....and less disruptions
  • Wear your ID Badges at all times.
  • DRA/EDL Due September 30th for Grades 1-3 & any STAAR Failure in 4 & 5 ...will send Data Spreadsheet to you to complete
  • Remember, PK-2 should have interactive word walls for High Frequency words....words students can TAKE DOWN and BRING BACK to their desks during writing. Their names should also be on the wall. Doesn't have to be pretty...just big and accessible for students.
  • BE SURE to read the Learning WALK report each week to know what we are looking for.
  • GT Nominations Begin 9/26
  • ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
  • Principal's Instructional Meeting Sept. 19th 12:00-3:30 PM
  • School Board Meeting Sept. 19th Texan Drive Community Room 6:30
  • AP Meeting at Crippen Elementary on September 23rd in the Conference Room


All Crippen Astronauts will display stellar citizenship and perform at or above grade level in every subject.