My Favourite Things

1. Favourite Food

Hi my name is Phoebe and I'm going to tell you about my favourite things. First my favourite food is pineapple. If your wondering why my favourite food is pineapple it is because I love how it is freshly grown and how it is really sweet.

2. Favourite Sport

My favourite sport is football because you get to tackle other people and also it is very exercising. I always watch it when it is on the television at home.

3. Favourite People

All my favourite people in my life are Matilda B, Emma V, Jayden S, Mum E, Dad E, Jake E, Abigail E, Sarah V, Luke V and Jason V.

5. Favourite Animal

This is the final thing. My favourite animal is a dog. If your wondering why it is a dog here is the reason. I love dogs because they are very protective and playful.

4. Favourite Colours

My favourite colours are blue and black because they both go well together with another colour.