Kindergarten News

Week of May 11-15

Kindergarten News

Monday-It is hard to believe we are starting the fourth nine weeks assessing! We began the PALS reading assessment and will continue throughout the next few weeks. Students also participated in a "Maker Monday" project. They were asked to plan and design a living or a non-living thing. They absolutely loved it and were so proud of their designs. They are really excited about next Monday!

Tuesday-In writing, we began learning about poems. Students listened and even acted out poems. Then, they created their own writing. I am so impressed with their handwriting and the ability to spell words. We also continued to learn about time. We did an activity where students had to distinguish between a minute, second, or hour.

Wednesday- During our literacy rotations, students had a chance to practice their sentence writing. They chose words and then created sentences. Students also had to use correct punctation with capital letters and endings to sentences. The favorite ending is an exclamation mark!

Thursday- Today we continued our PALS testing. We are almost finished! We also decorated one of the main props for our Kindergarten/First Grade Musical Performance. The students really enjoyed it. We also visited the Wonder Lounge to practice our math and spelling.

Friday-Happy Friday! We read our non-fiction Let's Find Out about Fun in the Sun. We also reviewed math words fewest, equal, and most on our Let's Find Out. In writing, we practice making nouns plural. It was a little tricky when words needed 'es' and 'ies'. The students did a great job!

Upcoming Events

Tonight-Glow Run

May 22-Field Trip to Ivy Creek/Penn Park

Chaperones-Please meet us at Ivy Creek around 9:45am. The tours begin promptly at 10:00 (right when students get off the bus). I will have groups set up with the chaperones. Thank you so much!

May 25-Memorial Day-No School!

May 27-Walking Field Trip to the Crozet Library-Please let me know if you would like to walk with us.

May 29-Kindergarten/First Grade Music Program-9am and 6:30pm.

If you would like to purchase your child's spring pictures, please send in the money as soon as possible. If you do not want to purchase the pictures, please return the pictures. Thanks!

You can pick up your parent portal access from the front office. It is available in the front office from 7:30am-4:00pm Monday through Friday.

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