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Antalya - the heart of the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Currently it is one of the most famous tourist cities of Turkey, which is famous for its world-class hotels, sports complexes, lively streets, a picturesque harbor, night clubs, bars and chic boutiques. Each year, the resort city Antalya meets the ever-increasing flow of tourists from around the world who come not only for leisure but also for exploring the rich historical heritage and numerous monuments of art and architecture of ancient civilization.

The picturesque city of Antalya sea rises on a steep rocky plateau to the sea, situated against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains Turkish. Founded in the II century BC conqueror Pergamon Attalos II, the successor of ancient civilizations, traces of Alexander of Macedon, the Apostle Paul, the Emperor Hadrian, the Sultan Aleadina Keykubat, Antalya is now a center of tourism and recreation.
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