Romanian Revolution of 1989

By: Katerina Lomis

Uprising Causes

  • socialist republic over 40 years (major industries belong to gov.)
  • many poor Romanians
  • felt that gov. taking money from poor for rich
  • controlled by Romanian Communist Party
  • general secretary Nicolae Ceausescu (Nih-coe-lie Chow-chess-coo) led since 1965
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Protesters Revolt!

  • group of Romanians protested against government
  • Nicolae Ceausescu ordered troops/soldiers to fire at crowd
  • hundreds died; slaughter
  • only revolt in Eastern Europe met by massive force
  • infuriated Romanians
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Bye Bye Dictator

  • Ceausescu's regime overthrown December, 1989
  • he and wife fled in helicopter
  • caught by armed forced
  • two were tried
  • executed together by firing squad December 25, 1989
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New Rules

  • new rulers (many former-Communists) create National Salvation Front/NSF
  • from revolution-Feb 1, 1990, 145-member NSF ruled country
  • Jan 12, 1990: Communist party outlawed
  • multiple parties ran gov. until May 20, 1990--1st free nation election in 53 years
  • former-communist Ian Iliescu won
  • Constitution in December, 1991
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In All...

The participants demonstrated their belief system through their protests by displaying their anger towards the government system, through well, attacking the government. They revolted, caught their leader, and killed him and his wife. Through their way of protesting, they demonstrated their beliefs in a fair say in the government, their thoughts on socialism, and the anger and resentment they had felt.