2B Happenings!

Working hard and having fun in 2B!

Dear 2B Family,

This upcoming week is BUSY! :) Here's what's coming up as we enter the (gasp) last month of school!!

Monday May 2 - NO SCHOOL (Unused snow day)


Wednesday May 4 - 2B BIG BUDDIES



Saturday May 7 - FIRST COMMUNION!!! 11am (please arrive by 10:30am)


~Mrs. White

Spelling Assignment Details!!

R-Controlled Vowels continue with ER, IR and UR.

You can find the spelling assignment here. I believe I have properly shared it this week, my apologies on that last week.

You'll also notice that in addition to the spelling assignment, students did ALSO paste the paper strip in their planners.

Assignment due Wednesday as usual! :)

This week in ELAR

This week's story was a play called Pushing up the Sky. It was a story about people working together. We explored how authors choose to sequence the problem in a narrative, referencing back to that narrative diamond that we worked with a couple weeks ago. Studying how authors choose to write is a very important way to discover both one's own voice in writing, as well as structure and purpose. Students are doing very well with this.

We also pull our vocabulary and grammar from the reading. We've been doing more exercises and small group activities, and the students have really grown and matured in their abilities and understanding.

Students are doing a good job writing and reading, with much improvement across the board as we come into the final weeks of school. Our writing prompt for the week was expository, which is the one students are most comfortable with. They had to tell me about their home - I'm looking forward to reading the final products.

This week in Math

Double regrouping posed no problem for the students this week! We spent a lot of time modelling with base 10 blocks, and they knocked it out of the park! I feel it's very important that they understand not only how to do the problems, but WHY. This was the focus this week, and they impressed me with their intuitive understanding once we broke out the base 10 blocks. Once I showed them how that understanding was expressed in math, they were off to the races.
SMG School Calendar Online

If you haven't checked the calendar in awhile, I'd encourage you to take a peek. LOTS of good info on there as we enter the busy month of May!

Our Butterflies & Science Update

We bid adieu to our wonderful butterflies this afternoon.... The students were so sweet and let out a great big collective cheer when each flew out of their pop up net home!

In science this week we worked on tying together our weather unit with a comprehensive on the water cycle. Students should have a good grasp of Evaporation, Condensation and Precipitation!! :)

This week in Religion

This week in Religion we learned about St. Catherine of Siena and prayed the Glorious Mysteries. I also try to have a few minutes every day of open discussion about First Communion, allowing students to ask their questions and express their fears and concerns. Hopefully we have discussed and allayed most fears. Their questions were really insightful and interesting, and I hope they're feeling ready! The big day is just a week away!!!!!

We wrapped up our parts of the Mass video, and on Friday, students played a First Communion board game. They loved that, although it got a little rowdy and loud in here!!!! LOL They can be a competitive bunch!

Teacher of the Day!

On Thursday, our Teacher of the Day took over and did a fantastic job!!! Here she is helping students edit their writing assignments!!!

Genius Hour Update

I would be remiss without including an update on how Genius Hour is going. I was a bit nervous to see how it would go and what would happen with this crazy idea. I am blown.away. As students finish, they are allowed to present their topic to the class. Even students who are a bit shy have done fantastic presentations. The posters aren't fancy, but they are entirely their own idea and creation from start to finish, and I am so very impressed. We've had presentations so far on the Parthenon, DoDo Birds, Spider Crabs, Panda Bears, Sunflowers and Neptune. After students present, they take questions. That's really my favorite part because they are so animated in their answers. I'm hoping to put together a slideshow for you all before the end of the year. We have a couple students working on PowerPoints too, which will be cool to see. We've had a few minor technology snafus, but overall this has been a fantastic addition to our classroom! (Plus: Research, notetaking, oral presentations, written presentations, citations - there are a lot of really important skills happening here too!)