Ukraine Revolution

The Revolution

  • Yanukovych was pressured by Putin into suspending a very important trade deal with Europe
  • this angered many ukrainians because he was increasing relations with russia
  • february 18 conflicts between protesters and police became violent
  • protesters threw molotov cocktails and fireworks at officers
  • police used batons, shields, and water cannons on the protesters
  • february 20 officers opened fire on the protesters
  • many of the dead protesters were unidentified and family did not know what happened to them
  • Yanukovych met with opposition leaders for electing a new president, Yanukovych later fled the country
  • the protesters won!
  • Tried to forum a new gov. and reverted back to the 2004 constitution
  • Yanukovych’s estate was taken over and found papers of his crimes and unsettling papers to prove it

  • shortly after russia attacked
  • Ukraine announced the creation of the national guard

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