Nathaniel Joseph Bonacci

Vocabulary section 4

The donor party and forty niners

The Donor Party was a group of people who wanted to be forty niners (people who mined gold during the California Gold Rush), But on their way through the mountains they thought they found a short cut. When they went through this "short cut" it snowed about 13in and they got stuck. Eventually they started running out of food and many died. When all were a n the brink of death they decided to seperate the dead family members and cook and eat the dead.

Prospectors and Placer miners

When news spread about gold in California thousands of prospectors flocked to the gold rush (prospectors are people who look for gold). After the prospectors would find gold the placer miners would come in and pan for gold because that is what they do instead of making tunnels.

Sutters Fort

John Sutter was a Swiss imagrant who got permission by the US to start a colony that we would later call Sutters Fort. Sutters Fort was an important part of n the gold rush because it was an important rest stop for travelers.