How People Access Books In Peru

Nadiya Berrios

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The map above shows the different landforms in the country Peru.

Accessing Books In Peru

Due to the harsh land of Peru, people have to access books in several different ways. In Peru, people access books by CEDILI deliveries. CEDILI deliverers are people that deliver books in plastic bags. They deliver the books to families in Lima. Another way people access books in Peru is by wagons. It will take a long time for books to be delivered because of the harsh land. In addition donkeys can deliver books. To make sure the books are staying on the donkey, they must be tied on tight. Kids and parents can also look at books in a plaza, or a market. Also, people use mini vans to bring books to the many children of Peru. Parents may enjoy books with their kids because of the many people who deliver them. This project in spanish is called El Libro Compartido en Familia. As you can see, Peru assesses books in ways related to their land.
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A donkey delivering books.